Best RV Campgrounds in Indiana

A few years back, an old buddy suggested a trip to Indiana. My first response was why would I want to do that because it isn’t a state someone thinks about going to just out of the blue. He informed me he had just purchased an RV and wanted to try it out, and the Indianapolis 500 NASCAR Race was only a month away. Though not a NASCAR enthusiast, I finally relented; he said, “Awesome because I’m outside your house right now.” I packed a bag, and off we went. If you’re anything like I was and haven’t ever considered vacationing in Indiana, you should definitely give it a shot. With casinos, state parks, and of course, the Indie 500, there are a plethora of places perfect for an RV tour.

Lincoln State Park

The first place my friend and I stopped was Lincoln State Park. Like most state parks, this one surrounds a lake that shares its name and offers the very basic of amenities. You have showers, restrooms, and some RV slots with electrical hookups, but other than that, some might consider this as roughing it. Lincoln State Park All the RV spots are back-in only, and most have picnic tables. They are also equipped with grills and fire pits. There are hydrants available to fill your water compartments, and a dump station is available. The hiking trails are well kept, and I had some luck fishing on the lake. The views were spectacular and, to me, made the experience extremely enjoyable. Also, because we were veterans, it was half price. Also, if you own a Toyota Tundra, check out our leveling kit recommendations here.

Painter Creek RV Park and Campground

Located amongst the Hoosier National Forest, this campground is delightful. Family-owned, pet friendly, and only a mile from the Painter Creek boat dock, it’s truly a delight. Painter Creek RV Park Full hookups and pull-through RV slots are fantastic, too, because who likes backing a bus. Some sites have a more secluded setting if you and your significant other enjoy a little privacy. Being only seven miles from French Lick Casino, golf course, and water park, it offers a lot for everyone in a group.

Lake Haven Retreat

My compadre and I arrived in Indianapolis about a week before the Indie 500 and asked around about a decent place for RVs. As you can imagine, we asked about ten people and got about 12 different responses. Lake Haven Retreat Finally, we stopped at Lake Haven Retreat, and it fit the bill perfectly. Only eight miles from downtown, you were still somewhat camping only in complete comfort. The zoo and the race track are only about 20 minutes away, so getting a ride to either is very doable. The retreat offers an event hall, paddle boats for a friendly family occasion, and a stocked 5-acre lake for fishing. However, be aware that the office is closed on Sundays, so plan accordingly. This place was a full-service type of campground. It had everything from WiFi and high-speed internet, a laundry facility, full hookups, and pull-through RV slots; you could probably live there if you were so inclined.

Shipshewana North Park Amish Log Cabin and Campground

While at the Lake Haven Retreat, my buddy and I gained a couple of new friends that told us about this incredible Amish owned sight to the north. At first, I thought, “well, we’d better charge everything up if we’re going there.” Wow, were we wrong? The Shipshewana North Park Amish Log Cabin and Campground were terrific. It feels small and quaint but offers everything a five-star hotel would; pull-through slots, full hookups, and immaculate modern bathrooms attached to the registration building. Oh, and guess what, WiFi! They have a flea market Tuesdays and Wednesdays, May 2 – November 1, and an antique auction each Wednesday year-round. Also, they have a frozen custard stand that, by itself, is a reason to go there. Their cabins are incredibly lovely too. I enjoyed the design so much when my buddy and I returned from our little trek, my girlfriend and I went back there a few months later.

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My Verdict

Overall the experience in Indiana truly changed my perspective of the state, with RV sites that’ll fit anyone’s desires. If it’s lakeside views with suitable fishing holes or someplace to park your “apartment on wheels” while you check out the city’s sites or try your luck at the casinos, Indiana has something for you. Now, all that’s left is planning your trip to the glorious state of Indiana.

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