6 Best RV Blinds Reviews 2020 for Traveling with Privacy

Traveling by RV can be an exciting adventure. The open road and new experiences are what draw people into the RV lifestyle. An RV is a home on wheels. Privacy is a big concern for most RVers. With the best RV blinds, privacy is no problem.

Shopping for the best RV window shades is not always easy. With this review, you will know just what to look for. Allow us to help you purchase the right blinds for your RV. We have done the research. We have conducted tests and trials. This RV blind review makes purchasing much easier.

RV blinds allow you to travel with full privacy. Keeping your family and belongings shielded from prying eyes is important. The following are our top 6 picks. These RV blinds reviews will help you make the right purchase.

Our Top 6 Best RV Blinds Reviews 2020 for Traveling with Privacy


RecPro RV Blinds Pleated Shades | Cappuccino | RV Window Shades | Camper | Trailer (32' W x 24' L)


These pleated RV shades are attractive. They are made of thick material for supreme privacy. These shades can be raised to allow for views and lowered for privacy. These shades come with mounting hardware.

These shades offer UV protection. Protecting against the sun keeps your RV interior from fading. In the summer, they block the sun’s heat. In the winter, they keep heat in. The beautiful cappuccino color goes perfectly with any RV décor.

We thought these were very easy to install. They look really nice and are simple to use. We feel these are the best RV shades because of their craftsmanship. The thick material offers true privacy and blockage.

The design is simple and the thick materials will hold up for many years. With the included hardware, mounting is super-simple. These work much better than the metal blinds our RV came with. These shades are 32 inches X 34 inches.


  • Offers true privacy
  • Blocks out most light
  • Neutral and attractive design
  • Can easily be raised or lowered
  • Protects against UV rays for less fading
  • Side tie-back buttons offer stability during travel.


  • Slower gear ratio of 5:0:1


RecPro RV Blinds Pleated Shades | Cappuccino | RV Window Shades | Camper | Trailer (26' W x 24' L)


Pleated RV blinds offer a truly beautiful look. The neutral color blends well with all designs. These are easy to hang. They come with all of the mounting hardware.

Irvine Shade and Door has been making RV blinds for years. These blinds are made from a strong material that lasts.

These blinds are perfect for smaller RV windows. They measure 26 inches X 24 inches.

We really loved the classy look these shades gave our RV. They block out most light but are not blackout blinds. The neutral color of Cappuccino blends perfectly with most RV designs. We found these shades helped keep our RV at a more comfortable temperature.

If you are looking to replace your outdated metal RV blinds, these are a great choice. They hang perfectly. These shades are easy to install in minutes. They do not require major maintenance. These shades are easy to clean.


  • Beautiful color
  • Easy to operate
  • Low maintenance
  • Thick material helps block light
  • Blocks UV rays for less fading in the RV
  • Comes with all of the necessary hardware


  • Does not come with instructions for installation (Helpful how-to videos are available)


RecPro Black RV Roller Shades Blackout Window Cover for Camper and RV Blinds (38' W x 60' H)


After traveling all night, getting good sleep in an RV is difficult. These shades block out the light. With these shades, you can sleep anytime. These RecPro RV shades block harmful UV rays. They keep your RV interior from fading.

These shades are perfect for larger RV windows. They measure 38 inches wide X 60 inches long. These shades are crafted with 4-ply material for extreme privacy. We love how they also keep the RV cooler.

These shades are easy to clean. They require very little maintenance. We found the installation to be a breeze. These shades will make you feel more comfortable during travel.

RV roller shades are perfect for larger windows. They should also be installed on windows that seem to get the most sun. Sun exposure causes fading and damage. These shades protect your investment.

RecPro is a name we rely on for RV shades. These shades are made of thick materials that are bonded together. These shades are made to last for many years.


  • Best for larger windows
  • Easy to install in minutes
  • Can be adjusted in length
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Attractive design lies flush with the window
  • Fully block out light for greater comfort and privacy


  • Available in only one color


RV Day & Night Pleated Shades Cotton/Sand Stitchbond (50' x 24')


These pleated RV shades are perfect for large and small windows. The length can easily be adjusted to match your needs.

We consider this one of the best RV day night shades on the market. These pleated shades come in the following sizes.

  • 14 inch X 24 inch
  • 26 inch X 24 inch
  • 32 inch X 24 inch
  • 38 inch X 24 inch
  • 44 inch X 38 inch
  • 50 inch X 24 Inch
  • 50 inch X 32 inch
  • 50 inch X 38 inch

These RV shades come in two colors: Cotton and Sand. The cotton side is for day use. The sand side is for nighttime use. The thick fabric is completely opaque. These blinds help to block harmful UV rays. We thought they added an attractive design.

We loved the versatility of these night/day blinds. You can easily switch them. These shades add insulation to your windows. They help your RV stay at a comfortable temperature.

These RV shades come with mounting hardware. Simply measure your window width and length to order. The neutral colors blend perfectly with all décor.


  • Easy to install
  • Day and night options
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Thick fabric is completely opaque
  • Attractive design with neutral colors
  • Easy to switch between day and night


  • Lack of installation instructions


Rollerhouse DIY Electric Roller Blind/Shade Tubular Motor Kit, Hard Wired 12V DC motors 2 Wire Motor, Control Type Without Radio for RV Electric Roller Shade, Fits 1.18inch Roller Pipe


With this kit, you can easily raise or lower your RV shades and blinds. This kit includes everything that is needed for installation. The electric shade motor is easy to install and can raise and lower shades up to 6.6 pounds.

This kit is hard-wired for greater power. It can be used with all types of window coverings. We used ours with blackout shades. This roller motor perfectly operated our RV window blinds.

Even if you do not have installation experience, it is easy. The roller motor hardwires with a positive and negative wire. These can be installed in almost any RV window.

These shade motor kits are available in the following:

  • 5 channel transmitter in black
  • 5 channel transmitter in white
  • DC 12 Volt - controlled by a switch (one and a half-inch tube)
  • DC 12 Volt – controlled by remote (one and a half-inch tube)
  • DC 12 Volt - controlled by a switch (1.18-inch tube)
  • DC 12 Volt – controlled by remote (1.18-inch tube)

If you want to easily raise and lower your blinds, this is the perfect kit. This motor works with RV shades, blinds, and has a quiet motor.


  • Easy to install
  • Quiet operation
  • Dependable service
  • Includes all hardware
  • Many replacement options
  • Models work with remote or switch


  • Cannot handle extremely heavy shades


aokway Car Sun Shade Car Window Shade Double Thickness Rear Side Window Auto Sunshades Universal Fit for rv Truck UV Protection 2 Pack


To shield your front RV windows at night, these are the perfect shields. They block over 97% of harmful UV rays. You can use these shields for your RV and other vehicles. These are super-easy to install. The strong magnets keep them in place.

These fold up for easy storage and can easily be put in place when needed. These RV window covers feature a silver lining for protection.

They are easy to clean and maintain. This RV shade is completely opaque and helps block light. No one will be able to see in

Quickly install them at night when parked. Remove in the morning for safe travel. Can be used on all types of vehicles. These are ideal for the front RV windows. They help insulate the windows for comfortable temperatures in the RV.


  • Lightweight and compact design
  • List EReversible design blocks UV rayslement
  • Easily folds away for quick storage
  • Easy to install with the included magnets
  • Helps protect your family from prying eyes
  • Can be used on all types of vehicles, including RVs


  • Only available in one pattern

Best RV Blinds Reviews 2020 for Traveling with Privacy - Buying Guide

Blinds or Shades: Which Is Best for Your RV?

Many RVs come with metal blinds. Although these are sturdy and durable, they are not all that attractive and they can be a safety hazard for young children. We recommend upgrading to pleated or solid shades.

Fabric shades are the best blinds for motorhome. We find they are easier to clean and control. Metal blinds sometimes have sharp edges that can make them dangerous. Fabric is more pleasing to the eye.

Another drawback of blinds is they let light in through the slats. Sometimes, they also allow a view inside the RV. With shades, no one can see inside, whether it be day or night.

All of the selections we chose in our top 6 are perfect for RV use. We love the neutral colors and designs. As long as you measure correctly, you should have no problems. Fabric shades are better than blinds because they block UV rays. UV rays fade the fabrics and other materials in your RV. 

Before You Buy RV Blinds: What Should You Look For?

Purchasing the best shades for RV will protect your family from prying eyes. There are a few things you should consider before making a purchase. We have outlined the criteria that are most important. We want to help you make a wise choice.

Dense Material

When choosing the best type of blinds for RV, fabric denseness is important. The thicker the fabric, the better the protection. Thick materials keep light out. The thicker the material, the better the privacy level.

An RV shade should be made of layers of material to block light and offer insulation. Four-ply shades are the best.

UV Protection

UV rays from the sun break down many materials over time. The sun’s rays can cause fading inside your RV. Protection against UV rays is essential. If the material does not block UV rays, it will not be able to offer full protection.

RVs need to be protected from UV rays at all times. This protection preserves the beauty of your RV. Blackout shades are best for blocking UV rays. These keep your RV cooler in the hot summer. Darker materials are typically stronger in blocking rays. Any material can be treated with UV protection.

The Right Fit

Getting the right fit is important before shopping for RV window blinds. We recommend you carefully measure before shopping. Make sure to measure the width and length of the window. The width must be exact, but the length can often be adjusted.

Once you know the measurements of your window, you can easily shop. Our top picks include the best RV pleated shades and window coverings. We did all the research. You can easily shop. Get your measurements ready before you click.

Easy Installation

Installing RV shades should not be a pain. All of the shades in our picks come with hardware. With the right hardware, installation should be a breeze.

Some shades do not come with instructions for installation. We recommend looking up installation videos before starting.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What tools are needed for RV shade installation?

Most RV shades come with the hardware. The hardware consists of two small metal brackets. There are also screws. If you are replacing your blinds, you will only need a Phillip’s screwdriver. If it is a new install, you made need a drill for pilot holes. We found the installation of all shades super simple.

How do you clean pleated RV shades? 

Regularly vacuuming the shades helps keep them clean. Spot stains can be cleaned with a gentle spot remover. Test first for color changes. If the blinds are very dirty, remove them. They can be soaked in a soap and water solution. Gently scrub tough stains with a brush. Never use bleach or a washing machine. Do not dry in a dryer.

How can RV blinds be made safe for children?

Blinds do pose a risk to young children due to the cords. All of our recommended blinds are safe. The cords can be tucked away and secured. With the automated motor, cords will not need to be used at all. Always follow safety rules for proper use. Cords should be kept out of reach of children.


You now have all the information you need for the best RV blinds. Feel free to click through our links. Read the RV trailer blinds for more information. Happy travels!

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