Best Composting Toilet For RV – Pros & Cons with Full Reviews

Composting toilets are becoming increasingly popular within the RV community. They are better for the environment, do not contain any harsh chemicals, and produce less odor. They are certainly something worth investing in. 

In this article, we have researched five of the best composting toilets for your RV so you do not have to. If you are running short on time, why not read our in a hurry to find out our top composting toilet choice?We have included a useful buyer’s guide filled with everything you need to know about purchasing a composting toilet. We have also included a frequently asked question section at the end of the article, to answer any toilet-related questions you may have.

In A Hurry?

Here is our pick for the best composting toilet - Nature's Head Self Contained Composting Toilet.

We have chosen this composting toilet because it is easy to install and use. The spider handle makes it simple for you to mix the compost in your dry waste tank. The wet waste tank can be easily removed and emptied. 

The toilet itself will need to be removed to empty your solid waste. Although this is slightly more awkward, the smaller toilet helps to save space in your bathroom.

The waste is odorless and the fans help to keep the toilet well ventilated. Nature’s Head is a great company that uses high-quality materials to make their toilets. The toilet itself comes with a five-year warranty.

The toilet has a large dry waste capacity and does not need to be emptied for around four to six weeks at a time. It is reasonably priced and looks like a “normal” toilet.

Best Composting Toilet for Rv


Nature's Head Self Contained Composting Toilet with Close Quarters Spider Handle Design


Nature’s Head is a popular composting toilet brand. The toilet is self-contained and covered by a five-year warranty. The company offers good customer service and support if there are any issues.

It comes in one color, granite, and its dimensions are 22x20.5x21.7 inches. It is lightweight, weighing only 28 pounds, and runs on a 12V system. Nature’s Head is a particularly durable toilet that comes with a fan to help remove any odors.

As it has a particularly large capacity, you can be off-grid with this toilet for a while. While the wet waste will need to be emptied more often, the solid waste will not need to be emptied for around 4-6 weeks based on two people using it frequently.

The emptying process is easy and you can connect your wet waste tank up to a black waste tank. The whole toilet does need to be removed when you empty the solid waste section, which can be a little fiddly.

Compared to other composting toilets, it is compact. The installation is fairly straightforward. It is easy to clean and looks the most like a “normal” toilet.


  • Holds a lot of waste
  • Compact in size
  • Easy to clean
  • Five-year warranty


  • The whole toilet has to be removed when the dry waste needs to be emptied


Sun-Mar Compact Self-Contained Composting Toilet, Model# Compact


The Sun-Mar complies with the strict regulations of NSF International. It comes in white, and its dimensions are 28x22x33 inches.

It is the smallest composting toilet on this list and would be well suited to a smaller RV. It would need to be emptied more frequently than the other toilets because it does have a smaller waste tank. Given this, it may not be as suitable for bigger families.

The dry and wet waste both go into the same tank initially, then the wet waste will drain through into a separate tray beneath. It is odor-free and the turning handle is on the front of the toilet. This makes it easy to use and is great in narrow spaces. 

It is quite a long toilet so if your bathroom is quite short, it may not be the best option. It has a bio drum that is smaller in the front and larger in the back. It comes with fans to help keep the toilet sufficiently ventilated. 


  • Compact and great for smaller RV’s
  • NSF International complaint
  • The turning handle is on the front of the toilet
  • Bio drum


  • It is a long toilet so may not be the best option if you have a shorter bathroom.


Villa 9215 AC/DC


The Villa separates wet and dry waste and is 100% non polluting. If you are planning to be off-grid for a long period, this toilet will not eat into your electricity supply. It can use AC and DC power.

Its dimensions are 18.5x23x27.75 inches. All of the parts you will need to drain and vent the toilet are included. It also comes with ten compostable bags to get you started. It weighs around 34 pounds and its fan comes with a three-year guarantee.

The toilet takes around three to six weeks for the solid waste section to become full The toilet does not come with a urine holding tank. You will need to divert the urine into a separate tank.

In terms of cost, this is one of the more reasonably priced toilets. It has a pressure-sensitive seat which is a great feature. This opens the solid waste holding tank when someone sits on it. This will help you stop any unwanted odors from being released. 

Unlike the other composting toilets, the solid waste does not need to be turned to help with composting, it rotates the waste for you. Not having a handle allows the toilet to be more compact. 

The Villa comes with a five-year warranty and has low energy consumption. It is easy to empty and clean.


  • Low energy consumption
  • Large solid waste holding capacity
  • 5-year toilet warranty and a 3-year fan guarantee
  • Great for use off-grid


  • Does not come with a wet waste holding tank


Sun-Mar Excel Non-Electric Self-Contained Composting Toilet, Model# Excel-NE


This toilet does not require any electricity, which is great if you are going to be off-grid. It is 100% pollution-free and converts solid waste into fertilized soil that is safe.

Although it has a good holding capacity, it has a smaller capacity compared to some of the other brands. Based on two people using it, the waste container would need to be emptied once a month. It would require emptying more often for a larger family. 

Its dimensions are 33x22 ½x32 inches. The vent kit is included. It comes in white and weighs around 90lbs. In terms of price, it is on the higher end of the scale.

It is odorless and has a sliding tray to easily remove the solid waste. This is great for cleaning the toilet too. 

As the toilet is quite tall, it comes with a little built-in step. This is great if children are using the toilet. The installation process is very easy and it separates dry and wet waste.


  • Easy installation
  • No electricity required
  • Slide-out waste tray
  • Built in step


  • It has a fairly small waste holding tank that would need to be emptied more frequently compared to other brands


Nature's Head Dry Composting Toilet with Standard Crank Handle


This model is similar to the Nature's Head with the spider handle but has some slight differences. The main difference is the handle. It comes with a standard crank handle that is slightly more awkward to turn compared to the spider handle. 

The handle adds a few inches on to the width of the toilet which will make it more awkward to use if you have a smaller toilet space.

It is reasonably priced and comes with a 5-inch vent hose, bottle cap for the wet waste tank, and a 12-volt power plug. The bottle cap is useful in helping you to transport your wet waste when it is full.

The Nature’s Head is reliable, lightweight, and odorless. It is made out of durable materials and is easy to clean. You will need to remove the whole toilet to empty the dry waste, however. You can use an electric fan to help ventilate the waste tank if you require it. 

The toilet comes with a five-year warranty and its dimensions are 21.5x 0.75x17.75 inches. Weighing only 28 pounds it is easy to carry when you need to empty its contents.


  • Five-year warranty
  • Lightweight and odorless
  • Reasonable priced
  • Easy to clean


  • The crank handle will take up more space compared to the spider handle

Best Composting Toilet for RV Buying Guide

Here is our buyer’s guide that will help you know what you should consider when purchasing a composting toilet. 


The cost of your composting toilet is important. Although all of the composting toilets are more expensive than a chemical or built-in toilet, they will save you money in the long run. Many of them also come with warranties and guarantees to give you peace of mind. 

If you are looking for a more affordable option, Nature’s Head toilets are great options. If you have more money to spend, it is worth looking into the Sun-Mar toilets. They are definitely worth the investment.

Ease Of Emptying Your Composting Toilet

This is important to consider as different brands have different ways of emptying the toilets. For example, a pull-out tray is the easiest option as everything is contained. It is easily removed and replaced. The Sun-Mar products both have this option.

With the Nature’s Head models, you have to completely remove the toilet to empty the solid waste. This is more awkward, especially if you have to carry your toilet down steps. 

In terms of wet waste, a toilet that diverts urine makes emptying the toilet easier. The Villa gives you this option. However, you can also divert the wet waste with Nature’s Head toilets if you install this.

How Often Your Toilet Needs To Be Emptied

The frequency of how often you will need to empty your toilet is important. If you are only using your RV for a short period, you would not require a large holding tank. However, if you have a larger family, or are going to be off-grid for a while, you will need a larger capacity.

For couples or small families, the Sun-Mar Compact or Villa is a great option. If you need a larger capacity, the Nature’s Head toilets are great options.

Size of the toilet

If you own a small RV, you will want to purchase a compact toilet like the Sun-Mar compact, to ensure it will fit into the space you have. 

Always measure all of the toilet components, including the handle. With Nature’s Head with the crank handle, this adds a few extra inches on to the width of the toilet. With the Sun-Mar compact, although it is narrow it is quite long. If you have a shorter bathroom, something like Nature’s Head or Villa toilets would be better space-saving options.

Emptying The Composting Toilet

As with any toilet waste, you cannot just empty it anywhere. If you are parked in an RV park then you will have no issues when it comes to emptying your composting toilet. 

With composting toilets that have separate wet and dry tanks, you can empty the urine into the black water tanks, and the dry waste is compostable. If both are mixed then this will need to be disposed of as sewage.

If you are off-grid or not parked up in an RV park, this is when emptying your composting toilet can be more tricky. Urine can be emptied in public toilets, RV dump stations, and even outside, although the latter is not always recommended. 

Dry contents can be thrown in the trash or potentially buried in a deep hole. However, you should always empty it safely into a dump pit or somewhere where you have had permission to do so. 


In an ideal world, you want your composting toilet to last as long as possible. They are an investment and luckily many of them come with a warranty.

When you are looking to purchase a toilet, you will want to make sure that good quality, durable materials are used to create it. That way it will ensure that the toilet will last for as long as possible.


Cleaning a composting toilet is not nice to think about. Luckily many composting toilets are easy to clean and do not require a lot of maintenance.

When you are looking to purchase a toilet, ideally you want one with easy to remove parts. This will make the cleaning and emptying process a lot easier. If the toilet contains a lot of hard to reach areas, over time it will likely begin to smell and deteriorate. 

Your toilet must be regularly cleaned and maintained. Given this, ensure that the surfaces are easy to wipe and are durable. 

Height Of The Toilet

The height of a composting toilet is worth considering. While this does not have an overall impact on the toilet itself, it is down to personal preference. 

If you have smaller children, they may struggle to use a toilet with a high seat. Given this, the Sun-Mar Excel would be a great solution as it has a built in step. Other compostable toilets like the Nature’s Head are more similar to the size of a standard toilet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Purchase A Composting Toilet?

If you are environmentally conscious then a composting toilet would be a great option for you. They use little energy and do not require emptying as often as a chemical toilet. They do not contain any potentially harmful substances and it is all-natural.

The fertilizer created from the toilet is harmless and it does not produce any pollution. 

The toilet does not need to be emptied very often and does not require any sewage drainage. 

Although they are more expensive to purchase initially, they are easy to clean, low maintenance, and often come with a good guarantee too.

Will A Composting Toilet Smell?

If it is all working correctly, your composting toilet should not smell bad. It may give off an “earthy” type smell, but it should not smell of sewage. The fans will help to keep everything well ventilated and your wet waste is sealed until you are ready to empty it. 

If your wet waste mixes in with the dry, this is when the smell is likely to occur. The wet waste will hinder the composting process. When they are mixed they form sewage.

Where Do I Put The Toilet Paper?

You can choose to place the toilet paper into the dry waste tank. However, it is worth keeping in mind that you cannot then use the waste as compost. Your dry waste would need to be disposed of in an approved location.

Putting toilet paper into your waste tank will cause it to reach the maximum capacity more quickly. A better solution would be to have a trash can in your bathroom where you can place the used toilet roll.

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