Best ATV For Kids

Are you a keen all-terrain rider looking to induct your kid into the art of burning rubber? No matter how old they are, there’s a model to suit any keen newcomer to motorsports, from ‘toy’ battery operated replicas to actual, pint-size ATVs running on fuel.

Of course, you’re going to want to find a product that guarantees their safety, as you can’t enjoy racing through the desert or a nice muddy field if you’re worried about them flipping over, but it might be hard to know what to look for, especially if you don’t actually ride!

Having thoroughly researched miniature off-roaders, we’ve picked out five highly favoured ATVs for you to choose from, each encompassing the key features that make a quality child’s vehicle for the adrenaline seeking youngster in your life.

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Best ATV For Kids

Worried parents or guardians might want to know more about ATVs in order to make a fully informed decision, which is completely understandable considering the potential risks; our comprehensive buyer’s guide clearly defines each component, from speed to safety.

Some common queries from customers looking to buy a junior off-road vehicle have been answered in our frequently asked questions section, in order to allay any potential fear or lingering doubts before adding to your basket.

Top 5 Best ATV For Kids


Razor Dirt Quad Electric Four-Wheeled Off-Road Vehicle - Black

Reaching a maximum, non-adjustable speed of around 8-10 miles per hour, the Razor Off-Road quad is electric-powered and an excellent choice for beginners looking to take their first tentative steps into ATV riding, which is reflected in the lower price tag.

Shatter-resistant, durable plastic fairings and a powder coated tubular frame are solid and can withstand bumps, supported by a terrain-tracing rear suspension and coil shock absorbers to deliver a smooth ride.

With solid 13 inch pneumatic gripped tyres, they’ll have no trouble zooming across a variety of surfaces with ease, strong enough to conquer tougher trails for the more adventurous newbies gaining confidence.

A high torque motor and gearing are powered by twist-grip throttles, which allows riders to easily control acceleration and vary their speed (up to the limit), perfect for those just learning the basics of driving.

Hand operated, rear disk brakes provide peace of mind and are built to last, so you can trust your child will be safe enough to get out on the open road alongside you - though you’ll have to slow down quite a bit if you’re riding an adult ATV!


  • Heavy-duty, reinforced plastic body
  • Supportive shock-absorbing rear suspension
  • Quality disk brakes
  • Reaches around 10mph - best for amateur rides


  • On the pricier side despite its slower speed limit


Uenjoy 12V Kids Electric 4-Wheeler ATV Quad Ride On Car Toy w/ 3.7mph Max Speed, Treaded Tires, LED Headlights, Music, Radio, Bluetooth, USB (Pink)

For those tiny tots absolutely desperate to join their bigger siblings who just aren’t satisfied by their toy car anymore, you might be able to hold them off a little longer with the 12V ride on ATV from UEnjoy, targeted at kids aged 3-8, thrilling young ones at 3.7-5mph.

Available in pink, red and black, it will please boys and girls alike no matter their color preferences, creating a realistic all-terrain experience by conquering grass, dirt, driveways and sidewalks (though, obviously, it’s not built for actual off-roading, sadly).

Four-wheel suspension and wear-resisting tyres keep your kids comfortable and safe during rides, and can be used indoor and outdoors - remember, though, it drives like the real thing - foot pedal accelerator, forward and reverse functions, brake and two speed selections.

A built in horn, working radio and USB functionality allow you play your own music or listen to pre-installed stations, mimicking a real drive, as well as creating realistic driving sounds, so it’s much more high-tech than your average toy.

Weight-wise, it has a limit of 77lb, so it should be suitable for children of all shapes and sizes within the specified age range: remember, it is a toy, so you’re not going to get the same experience as you would with an actual ATV.


  • It might be a toy, but it’s mighty durable!
  • Speed-shifting, forward and reverse drive capability
  • Horn, radio and USB compatible
  • Almost as good as the real thing - keep eager young ones at bay


  • Only suitable for local use - not for countryside or desert off-roading 


Fit Right 2020 Mars Kids 24V Mini Quad ATV, Dirt Motor Electric Four Wheeler Parental Speed Control, with 350W Motor Power Reserve, Large Tires & Wide Suspension (Blue)

Aimed at slightly older children than the electric offering from UEnjoy, this mini ATV from Fit Right can reach between 5 and 10 miles per hour, with a powerful 24 volt engine upgrade to satisfy their growing need for speed at ages 6 and above.

Built from high-tensile steel capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions and all terrains (as the name suggests!) this vehicle is built to last, with 12 inch knobby pnuematic tires and a wide suspension to absorb the shock of bangs and bumps when riding.

Front and rear disk brakes guarantee fast stopping times and a quick reaction, and the ATV can hold up to 150lb, so it’s suitable for kids at any stage of their growth spurt, lasting them for a good few years before outgrowing.

Parental controls include an adjustable throttle regulator allowing parents to control the speeds their child can reach to suit their comfort, and riders can choose between two pre-selected speeds for a realistic acceleration experience.

Chain-assembled and pre-adjusted before being packaged, all that’s required once unboxed is for an attaching of the handlebars with the screws provided, ensuring they’re tight enough to withstand the vibrations of ATV driving.


  • Best for intermediate riders before moving to gas
  • Weight and speed limits suitable for 6-10 year olds
  • Speedy 4-6 hour charge time
  • 60 day warranty as standard


  • Does not arrive fully assembled


X-PRO Eagle 125 ATV Quad Youth 4 Wheeler ATVs Kid Size ATV 4 Wheelers 125cc Big Boys ATVs Quads (Black)

This baby is built for speed, and unfortunately, it’s on the more expensive side, but if your kid is committed and you’ve got the money to commit, you won’t go wrong with an Eagle 125 from X-PRO, a powerful ATV to shock and surprise your kids with.

Powerful and reliable, the 125cc 4-stroke engine is designed to prevent overheating and minimize engine maintenance; with 6.1KW horsepower and reaching speeds of up to 30mph it’s great for more experienced younger riders looking for a step up.

Automatic transmission allows for a smooth shifting of gears, eliminating the need for a hand-operated clutch and limiting the number of factors your kid has to concentrate on whilst riding, with a simple electric ignition that’s easy to navigate and handy if they stall.

Heftier than most, the large 16 inch tyres can withstand plenty of crashing and bashing, whilst offering easier handling and much more ground clearance, as well as a 2.25 meter minimum turning radius, which is ideal for kids.

Wireless control capabilities allows parents to watch their children ride and cut the engine from up to twenty meters away, whilst speed limiters allow you to set maximum speeds you feel comfortable with, increasing as your child’s confidence level grows.


  • 2.2l fuel capacity
  • Electric starting - much easier and smoother than gas
  • 30mph speed offers plenty of punch
  • Big, solid tyres


  • Additional fuel costs


110cc ATV Four Wheelers Fully Automatic 4 Stroke Engine 6 Inch Tires Quads for Kids Spider Black

Whether you opt for the cool camo or serious spider design each available in three bold colors, younger and braver children will love this smaller 110cc ATV from ICEbear - although your wallet might not enjoy it very much! 

Reaching up to 30 miles per hour via the gas-powered, single cylinder four stroke engine, this fully automatic vehicle is far more powerful than some of the other vehicles aimed at younger children.

Automatically shifting gears, there’s no tricky clutch to worry about,  whilst front drum and rear disc brakes allow riders to stop with plenty of time, so it’s easier for a plucky but slightly younger kid to get to grips with before hitting the big leagues.

Built-in security features allow adults to cut off the ATV from up to 20 meters away, so if you’re worried about a disobedient or daredevilish child wreaking havoc, rest assured they won’t be able to get away fast enough.

Parents can also control and monitor the speed of this easy-to-maneuvere vehicle, allowing you to gradually increase the speeds riders can hit as you feel they are more capable of hitting faster heights.


  • Fully automatic, gas operated
  • 130lb weight limit for kids of all shapes and sizes
  • Four stroke, powerful engine
  • Small but speedy reaching 30mph


  • Comes 85% assembled - some building required

Best ATV For Kids Buying Guide


Although to many parents, your kids are your babies forever, we all have a different idea of what the word means. Depending on your child’s age, your requirements are going to be a lot different - a four year old and a ten year old will have completely different abilities!

We’re focusing on the ATVs you can actually take out and ride, rather than the smaller ones aimed at kids aged 3-6, which are much cheaper because they’re intended for indoor or backyard use only, and not safe for off-roading - not that they go very fast at all!

Confidence is the most important factor, as this determines how safe they’ll be in handling the responsibility of a vehicle running on fuel; whilst some eight year olds can handle a 100cc ATV, others won’t be ready yet. 


Of course, no one kid is the same, they come in all shapes and sizes, so the easiest way to find out what size you’re looking at is to precisely measure their height, and consider that accordance with the ATV’s measurements. 

Guidelines for a good fit:

Brake Reach: At the right height and arm length away, your child’s hand should be extended outwards with straight fingers; the first joint below the tip of your middle finger should extend past the brake’s lever.

Grip Reach: When sitting upright on the ATV, with both hands on the handlebars, can your child reach without leaning forward, or is there a clear distance?Turning Reach: Turning the handlebars from lock to lock whilst maintaining a tight grip on the handlebars should be easy, so braking and throttle reflexes are quick.

Leg Length: Can your child bend their knees to at least a 45 degree angle when sitting on the ATV with their feet firmly on pegs? Are their thighs lining up with their upper arm and forearm? 

Should the answer to any of the above questions be “no”, then the ATV is too large for them, which is hazardous at best and fatal at worst, for your child, yourself, and other people around you - do not ride!


When it comes to ATVs for infants, you’re looking at a maximum speed of between 2 and 5 miles per hour, which obviously isn’t built for the chills and spills of the open road, but again, our focus is a smaller version of the real thing.

Older thrill-seekers will find their ATVs are capable of betwen 10 and 25 miles per hour, which doesn’t sound fast in comparison to the adult-sized quads, but we’re talking children here, still, who cannot get driving licenses and should not be able to surpass such speeds.

Start off slower and work your way up would be our advice, as even the most enthusiastic and cautious riders can have an accident: shocks, bumps and crashes happen to the best of us, so putting your kid’s safety first is a must.

Fuel - Gas versus Electric

Perhaps your biggest consideration is which kind of ATV you’re going for - a battery powered, rechargeable model, or a more hardcore fuel-guzzler; each has their upsides and potential downfalls, so read carefully and keep your child’s needs (and your budget!) in mind.

For beginners, younger children or hesitant riders, we’d recommend an electric quad. First of all, they’re much cheaper, as you simply buy the vehicle and plug it in to charge when it runs out of power, so there’s no extra fuel costs to consider.

Whilst only lasting for about forty minutes to an hour before needing a recharge, this is plenty for the average child’s attention span, especially if they’re only just dipping their toes into the world of ATV riding.

Likewise, they are easier to use and retain control of generally, and lower maintenance than gas-fuelled models, as there are less moving parts and no powerful engine to think about, which is especially useful if (or perhaps, when) your kid inevitably gets bored.

Environmentally minded parents will also appreciate the fact that not only are electric ATVs much quieter, sparing anyone in the vicinity from noise pollution, they are also - quite obviously - much better for the planet.

However, when it comes to older, tougher, braver kids, or those with more experience riding, say, dirt bikes and other ATVS, you could consider stumping up cash for the considerably higher price of a gas powered model.

Inevitably, your child will outgrow their electric variety, or you might consider skipping it altogether to save money, but when they do, a faster, more powerful gas ATV is more likely to sate their appetite for adventure.

This does mean that you’ll have to start paying for fuel, too, but if you’re a seasoned ATV rider yourself, you probably won’t mind the extra costs for the sake of riding alongside your child. 

Of course, you also won’t need to charge any batteries, so you can go for a spin whenever the mood strikes you, which is particularly useful the older - and more fickle or easily distracted - your kids get.

Safety Features

Aside from getting the size and technical specifications right, there are other ways to keep your little bruisers safe and sound, as some ATVs come with pre-installed preventative features to minimize the risk of injury.

Besides the obvious, like wearing a sturdy, well-fitting helmet and durable riding gear, your child can be protected with a built in speed lock or limiter, which allows parents to determine how fast their kids can go and cannot be altered or overridden. No means no!

High quality brakes are paramount, especially if the ATV is capable of reaching those higher speeds - consider a model with disc brakes, which professionals argue are the most durable and easiest to use.

Should you encounter a particularly foggy day, or you plan on riding in the evening - which seems a little questionable, we have to say - a set of headlamps or LED lights can be useful to improve visibility and increase confidence whilst riding.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are ATVs safe for kids?

Provided that you’re opting for the right sized vehicle for your child, with an appropriate amount of power for their age and ability, and they’re wearing adequate protective gear, there’s no reason why taking a quad for a spin can’t be an excellent bonding experience.

It’s within their nature to misuse the vehicle, test its limits or fail to follow safety procedures, so always supervise your child whilst they are out riding, and remember to throughly check the ATV before heading out - teach them what to look for themselves, too!

A checklist to follow and ensure all parts of the ATV are in full working order before heading off on the road includes tyre pressure, brake cables and controls, lights and electrics, and fuel levels, each being imperative for a safe and successful ride.

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