Best ATV Backrests

ATVs are a lot of fun and have countless professional and recreational uses, but despite how versatile their applications have become, they are and have always been highly specialized vehicles, and because of that, they are flawed.

The number one problem a lot of people have with ATVs - even if they love them -, is the lack of comfort and support that a backrest provides.

This isn’t much of a problem when it comes to racing, as the rider will be leaning forward or even slightly stood up, but for other applications involving long stints in the driver’s seat, a backrest can be the difference between a pleasant and back-breaking experience.

We have the top recommendations on these backrests as well as top recommendations on RV window shades here.

Best ATV Backrests

So, if you’re putting in the hours at the helm of an ATV, constantly having to strain against the pull of the engine, then you’re in the right place. We’re going to be looking at the five best ATV backrests available at the minute, so you can get some respite and recover.

After the reviews, we’ve put together an in-depth buyer’s guide and brief FAQ section just in case we didn’t find exactly what you’re looking for with our lists.

Top 5 Best ATV Backrests


Black Boar (66010) ATV Rear Storage Box and Lounger-Integrated Lock Helps Deter Theft-Mounting Hardware Included-Easily Mountable to Most Tubular Racks

Our favorite pick here is a three in one product that goes above and beyond, solving not just the ATV comfort issue, but the utility issue as well.

Sometimes standalone backrests can feel a little unstable, but with the sturdy surrounding storage box, passengers will be able to lean back with the pull of the engine and relax into the two-cushion design backrest, feeling supported and comfortable.

The Black Boar also comes with a thick, padded seat to take your comfort to the next level, and if you often take on passengers, the storage unit has expertly designed, built-in handles for them to hold, freeing you up to enjoy your ride.

The seat and backrest are made from a durable shock-resistant polypropylene material that’ll provide you with the extra cushion and protection needed when navigating more challenging terrain.

Being that ATVs are so popular in so many professional environments, it’s always been an issue that there’s no proper place for you to store a toolbox or a spare helmet, or anything really, which is why we love the idea of a seat that doubles as a lock-box.

The half-inch lip of the storage box makes the Black Boar completely dust and water-resistant, giving you an expansive 7 cubic feet of completely secure space for whatever you need to haul around with you, and the integrated, rust-resistant, stainless steel key lock with adjustable latches will keep it all exactly where it is.


  • Comes with thick seat
  • Sturdy two-cushion design backrest
  • Comes with sturdy lockable storage
  • Storage is dust and waterproof
  • Storage has built-in handles for passengers
  • 7 cubic feet of space for tools, valuables, or food and drink
  • Seat and backrest are made from shock-resistant material
  • Storage made from thick, durable plastic


  • Quite expensive and expansive for those just looking for a backrest


Great Day RR605B Ride-N-Rest ((Black))

Coming in at number two is a super simple, extra comfy backrest for those of you willing to spend a little more to maximize your riding experience. If you have a history of back problems or are already experiencing severe discomfort when you ride, we highly recommend this option.

This rest has two inches of high-density padding perfect for offering extra support and comfort during those long rides. Despite the thin-line appearance, this rest is renowned for taking the edge off challenging and uphill terrain.

It’s a little pricey for a simple back-rest but you really get what you pay for with this one. The rest cover is made of high-density 400 denier nylon, which isn’t just incredibly durable, but completely waterproof, so if you’re riding through a storm or if you don’t have a garage and your ATV lives outside, you’ll be able to dry it with a towel in no time and avoid an annoying wet back.

The construction of these rests is also top-notch. Made from aircraft aluminum, this thing was designed to withstand great amounts of force, so don’t worry about breaking it, relax and enjoy the ride. The aluminum frame also makes this an incredibly light addition to your ATV which means you’re not going to lose out on any acceleration.

If you’re likely to take a passenger from time to time, you’ll be happy to know that this rest will fold back out the way and function as a second seat.

The last really awesome thing about this backrest is how easy it is to install. Thanks to the simple U-bolt design, you can have this thing mounted and ready in no time at all.

There have been a few customer complaints about subtle discoloration if left outside a few times, but on none of these occasions was the functionality stunted in any way.

An essential bit of gear if you need the support on rugged terrain, or for a bit of luxury to ease the burden of travel or chores, this clever yet minimal rest will enhance your riding experience and improve your health.


  • 2 inches of high-density padding
  • Waterproof 400 denier nylon cover
  • Folds back into a second seat for a passenger
  • Strong yet lightweight aluminum construction
  • Easy and quick to install
  • Reported as being extremely comfortable


  • Expensive for a simple backrest
  • Discolors if left outside


Quadboss ATV Backrest (Black)

Our third pick is a fantastic and affordable backrest with a huge customer fan base.

We’re not saying this thing isn’t great quality, because it really is; however, the most impressive thing about it is definitely the price. It’s super affordable, which is refreshing in the world of ATV riding that will normally empty your pockets in no time.

The Quadboss actually has the same 2-inch thickness as our pricey second pick, although the materials probably aren’t quite as supportive or shock resistant. It’s coated in a wear-resistant polyester. The great thing about polyester is that it tends to be highly resistant to most weathers. 

The frame is made from steel tubes, so you can expect them to last long after the cushion has had its day. The only downside to steel tubing is that they’re slightly heavier than other metals like carbon fiber or aluminum.

Installation really couldn’t be easier with this rest. It fits straight on to your cargo rack using only the hardware it arrives with, so don’t worry about spending a bunch of money stockpiling power tools. As if this wasn’t already worth the price tag, it also has the same fold-back function the GreatDay rest has.

To sum up, you can’t really go wrong with this one. It’s affordable, durable, and comfortable. It’s not designed for passenger use, but customers have claimed it works well for that too. Perhaps the cushion isn’t going to last you forever, but by the time it finally kicks the bucket, you’ll have saved for a top of the line replacement.


  • Very Affordable
  • 2-inch padding keeps you comfy on a long ride
  • Folds back into another seat
  • Strong steel tube construction
  • All hardware included
  • Easy installation
  • Durable polyester cover should be fairly weather-resistant


  • Steel frame will be a little be heavier than others
  • No highly specialized materials



This rest is designed to fit snugly in front of the Polaris Lock and Ride Cargo Box which is sold separately.

You may not buy into the ploy of forking out for an expensive specialist attachment for an already expensive lockbox, but if you do plan on getting a backrest eventually anyway, we highly recommend biting the bullet and matching the products up as it can be difficult finding a fit elsewhere.

This rest is a little pricey, but it’s incredibly comfortable and, let’s face it, you can’t take on passengers with a rigid and angular lockbox on your quad. if you’re wondering why friends aren’t returning your calls suddenly, this is why.

The frame of this spine-saver is made from high-quality steel, and finished with supportive and durable padding and upholstery, meaning this thing is really built to last, so the slightly steeper price tag doesn’t bother us. 

The really great thing about this seat is the shape. A lot of ATV backrests have a good amount of cushion and they’re sturdy enough, but they completely ignore the idea of shaping something to maximize comfort, so this is a customer-kind and innovative touch.

This rest is also supposed to have a pretty quick and easy installation process, coming with all the hardware you need; however, some customers reported that the instructions were so bad, it made what should have been a light and breezy process quite stressful and time-consuming. That being said, there are plenty of tutorials online.

It’s important to remember that this rest is designed specifically for the Polaris Lock Box, and may not fit flush against another brand. If you’d still like to try this rest out, make sure you take some pretty accurate measurements before purchase.


  • Strong steel-frame construction
  • Extra comfortable and durable padding and upholstery
  • Easy to mount
  • Lasts a very long time
  • Fits perfectly into Polaris Lock Box
  • Shaping maximizes comfort
  • Comes with all the hardware you need to fit it


  • Only fits one lockbox
  • Quite pricey


Coleman ATV Rear Padded-Bottom Bag (Black), 12' H x 8.25' W x 8' D

We think this is a great product because it offers you the full bag, seat, and rest set up our top choice gives you, and trades a few high-end qualities for an exceedingly good price tag.

The cushioned seat, although thin, is quite comfortable and the backrest has a padded layer separating you from the storage compartment, so although this thing won’t be able to support as much weight as our other more expensive and advanced choices, it will still be a huge improvement.

This thing has three padded zipper compartments with velcro covers to prevent any accidental openings, and they’re large enough for storing most tools or a whole feast of food. It also has two built-in drink holders, so you have easy access to a bit of hydration on the road.

Although the bags aren't as rigid as our other integrated storage box pick, they are coated with rugged water-resistant 600d fabric which is an incredibly durable material used to make motorbike gear and accessories, so you can guarantee these things will have tear-resistant qualities and last a long time.


  • Affordable
  • Durable 600d fabric coating
  • Easy access drink holders
  • Padded, waterproof storage
  • Seat cushion included


  • Won’t offer as much support as other picks
  • Soft construction will make the load vulnerable if there’s an accident
  • Not quite as padded as our other picks.

Best ATV Backrests Buying Guide

We know you’re probably enjoying this time on your comfy couch, but if you take heed of this little guide, we can have you back out there in no time on your ATV. and thanks to your new backrest, you’ll hardly realize you’ve left your favorite chair.


Taking on a passenger on an ATV is a bit of a dicey subject and is illegal in some states. If you’re interested in one of the products on our list that doubles as a passenger seat, make sure you do some research about your state’s laws before you buy.


ATV riding is an expensive pursuit. It’s a good idea to consider other needs in your life and balance them with your need for a backrest, then come up with a realistic budget.


Getting a rest with the perfect amount and type of padding is really important. You need something with a pretty high density otherwise you’ll feel the metal construction through the padding; however, you need something made with a material that has a little give as comfort and relief is the aim of the game here.

For maximum comfort, we recommend padding of at least 2 inches. This keeps things lean and light while offering you just enough support to get through those long rides with a healthy lumbar.



Perhaps even more important than the padding itself is what surrounds it and keeps it all in place.

The best fabrics for covers are extremely weather-resistant and durable. The last thing you need is water soaking underneath into the cushion as it will never dry and start to rot away which will be uncomfortable for your back and indeed your nose.


Here’s a top tip: check the stitch quality. Sometimes you’ll find what appears to be a really great product made of very durable material that looks like it could take a real beating, but it’s no good having all that fancy cover material if it’s going to come apart at the seams and let the weather in.

It’s not the easiest thing to check, and we hate to make sweeping generalizations, but there aren’t many ATV enthusiasts out there also know the difference between a piped seam and a double top-stitched seam, not to mention how to rate the quality of the job done.

The best thing you can do is read up on as many customer reviews as possible, and keep your finger on the pulse of ATV communities. Brands that make quality, hard-wearing products will make a name for themselves and will be discussed by enthusiasts.


The frame is really the most important part of the rest to consider as one that doesn’t mount correctly, or made of poor quality materials can be extremely dangerous.


Firstly, you’ll want to consider what material is used for the frame. Steel is incredibly strong but can be quite heavy. Aluminum is lighter but not quite as strong. The best material for both strength and weight is carbon fiber; however, we found it particularly hard to find any, and if you do, it’s likely to cost a pretty penny.


Now you need to find out if it will mount properly to your quad and what tools you’re going to need to get the job done. Some simple rests will come with all the hardware required for installation. Other more complex or multi-purpose designs may require more advanced equipment such as power tools.

If a rest doesn’t fit on your quad initially, it’s not unheard of - if you’re fairly handy with your tools - to make a few adjustments and make it work, but be sure you know what you're doing, check to see if it’s been done before, and make sure it’s safe.


Most packages will come with instructions, but it doesn’t hurt to make sure of that before purchase. Some products might come with poor instructions like our fourth pick. If you think this will be a problem for you, it’s best you choose something with a more intuitive installation guide.

Internal Frame

Just to be super sure about comfort, try and get a picture of how the frame runs through the rest. You want to have as much support as possible, but you don’t want to really feel the bones of the rest impressing themselves in your back.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are ATV backrests easy to install?

Most backrests will fit easily to your rear wrack. The process should take less than an hour.

Are ATV backrests safe?

An aftermarket backrest modification, if properly installed, can make your ATV slightly safer in the event of a crash, as it can create a small arch when overturned that could prevent the vehicle from landing directly on you. That said, driving an ATV is always dangerous and a backrest offers very little to reduce that danger.

Final Thoughts

There we go then. Five of the best ATV backrests around to save you a whole lot of pain and a fortune at the chiropractor.

Your spine is a very delicate part of the body, and once it develops issues, the healing process can be long and arduous. You’ll have heard your old man, or his old man before him saying how he could do this or that before their back went. It’s the sad truth that sometimes there’s no way back from a spinal injury.

So, we think, although it’s only a small adjustment, a backrest won’t just help you day-to-day but will help to keep you mobile, agile, and independent for longer when you start to get a bit older. Stay comfortable. Stay safe.

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