ATV Uses That Will Make Your Daily Life Easier

Some people tend to think that having an ATV is only meant for those people who are interested in ATV riding. However, there are a lot of ATV uses that will make your daily life easier even if you are not interested in iff road racing. Some things are just as simple to perform with an ATV as they could have been when you would probably be using a truck or something. 

Some of the uses of an ATV are not so common though they are very practical and easy to work out. So what are this ATV uses that will make your daily life easier? Let’s find out.

What can an ATV do? 

We need to know what an ATV is capable of doing and maybe what it cannot do. ATVs are not only good for racing. They can be very useful elsewhere. Apart from recreational riding and racing, ATVs can be useful for skidding, doing some heavy work, and also towing trailers and trail beds. 

However, the size also matters and some other functions might need some adjustments on the ATV. However, the adjustments that might need to be done might not be as big so it’s not a big deal. Most importantly, a number of other functions can be performed by the same ATV that you use in racing without even having to adjust anything. 

We also need to know how they perform these functions.  Now, let’s get into the details of these functions of ATVs that can make life easier. 

Common ATV Uses That Will Make Your Daily Life Easier 

Farm work 

The field has a lot of functions that need to be performed either by tractors or smaller mechanisms that can be as effective. In this case, the ATV will help you with a number of functions that could not be performed by hand. There are several of them which need only some little attachments for the work to be complete. 

  •  Light plowing

Attaching a small plow to the ATV will help you in making good use of it in the field. The ATV is strong enough to pull a plow but it can only pull a limited size. That’s why you should find a light plow and plow quite some sections of the field. 

  • Harrowing 

A harrow is a little easier to pull but again it is important to use the ATV for light harrowing. There are small harrows that can be comfortably attached to the ATV bikes for that function. With the size in mind, we can use the ATV for light harrowing or for the furthest final touches. 

  • Logging 

When you attach a trail bed or a small trailer to the ATV, you can securely trail several 20″ logs in the forest without worry. The ATV is strong enough to handle the weight. What you need to do is only attach a well-fitting trailer to make sure that it does not get off in the middle of the job. 

It should also be strong enough to handle the vertical weight. However, this might not be effective enough when you have smaller but heavier logs to load or move from one place to another. 

  • Skidding 

In the case of skidding, you only need a skidding arch. A well-fitting and strong enough skid arch will help you load several logs and move them from one ace to another within a short time.

However, make sure you select a skidding arch that is designed to hoist your wood high enough above the ground to make sure there is little to no dragging which will stuff a lot of sand in the bark. That is obviously gonna be a problem in the end since it is bound to damage the saw blade within a short time. 

  • Lawn raking 

When there’s a lot of freshly cut grass on the lawn, raking by hand may take a lot of time and it might be a lot more tiring. Now, three are lawn rakes that are specifically meant for ATVs. The ATV rakes are easy to tow and they can do a good job within a short time. 

The lawn rake has a mechanism of rolling wheels that rotate the raking mechanism to help in smooth raking of the lawn and within a short time. 

  • Hauling  

There is a lot of hauling to be done on the farm and at home. The ATVs can come. In handy to help you with this. Now depending on the kind of hauling you want to do, there is definitely going to be a need for some adjustments and attaching some mechanisms here and there. However, there are two very common functions it can perform with simple mechanisms; 

Hay bales and grass 

Hay bales can take a time to load or offload. Moving them also by just carrying one by one is a huge challenge. However, there is a bale trailer that can be attached to an ATV for efficient bale loading and hauling. This will help so much with feeding the horses. 

  • General implement mounting 

Just like a tractor, there is an option for a three-point hitch attachment mechanism which is very important in attaching a lot of implements that make work easier. Many ATVs have this attachment mechanism at the front of the bike. There are also a lot of implements specifically designed for use with ATVs. 

ATV Uses That Will Make Your Daily Life Easier – A Final Word 

As we have seen, some of the functions we did not even expect could be fine by that ATV we own, can actually be very workable with the same ATV. There is a lot of functions that can be performed by the ATVs simply by attaching some implements that will make life very simple.

ATVs can be very useful especially with the small jobs on the farm and around the store and fields which could be hectic when using the hand only. 

All those other ATV uses that will make your daily life easier are made possible by the availability of implements that specifically perform that function. It’s also important to own some of them alongside the ATV if you are gonna be using them for other purposes.