A Look at the Top ATV Snow Plows

Whether the winter season is fast approaching or you live in a snowy climate, stocking up on equipment that will help you keep it at bay is a must. 

When you experience heavy snowfall, you know that you are going to have to go to the efforts of cleaning it off your sidewalk or driveway. However, rather than picking up your shovel, a much more effective alternative is to get an Snow Plow for your all-terrain vehicle. 

If you’re wondering which is the best snow plow for your ATV, or you’re swamped with choice and not sure where to start, we’re here to help. It is an investment, so, to help you make the right decision, we’ve selected the top 5 available on the market today, as well as including a helpful buyers guide. Let’s get started!

Best ATV Snow Plow

In a hurry? Check out our top pick

The ProVantage Snow Plow System is one of the leading options available on the market. It is made from really thick 12 gauge steel with reinforced ribs, a center cross member, and a robust boxed design.

Its stable, wide plow base and durable, extra-large plow skid are able to deliver exceptional performance, while the center-mount plow blades have a large-diameter pivot that will rotate the blade smoothly. Put it all together, and you’ve got a precise, reliable performance that will deliver years of service.

Here are its key features:

  • Its thick 12-gauge steel is tough and weather-resistant 
  • The boxed design provides additional support and strength 
  • It features an optimizable blade that trips forward if it comes into contact with an immovable object, which helps to protect the plow from damage
  •  The center-mounting plow system offers rigidity and extra stability when moving snow, regardless of how heavy it is

Top 5 Best ATV Snow Plow


WARN 78950 ProVantage Steel Plow Blade with Wear Bar, 50' Length


The WARN78950 ProVantage ATV Snow Plow is a sturdy, reliable piece of equipment that will clear away snow in moments. 

Thanks to its sturdy boxed design and thick 12-gauge steel exterior, this is a true force to be reckoned with! It features a particularly larger diameter pivot that is able to quickly rotate the blade with exceptional precision, ensuring that snow is moved out of the way quickly and without fuss. 

When encountering a higher than usual ledge of snow, the ProVantage is designed to lift up high to tackle it. In the event that this snowplow accidentally strikes an immovable object, the optimizable blade has been designed to trip itself forward so that no damage is caused to the structure of the plow. 

Plus, this best-selling snowplow will allow you to customize the blade depending on how heavy the snowfall is, including an adjustable attack angle and spring tension system. Not only that, but a special low-friction powder-coated finish also helps keep material off the blade to ensure optimum performance.

Its center-mounting system adds a dose of rigidity and extra stability to the ATV during plowing operations, even the most grueling. Offering great value for money, this WARN plow comes with a base, mounting kit, and blade, which are designed for all types of snow clearance, as well as fuss-free installation.  


  • Comes with a base, mounting kit and blade, with the option to purchase different blades from the WARN website
  • Large diameter pivot that rotates the blade with accuracy and smoothness
  • The boxed design delivers sturdiness and reliability 


  • Carriage bolts are not overly strong


Extreme Max 5500.5010 UniPlow One-Box ATV Plow


If you’re on the lookout for an ATV Plow for lighter duty work, then you’ll love the UniPlow One-Box ATV Plow System. It’s perfect for residential use and will help to clear away snow from your sidewalk or drive. 

The great thing about the UniMount universal mount is that it allows the UniPlow to fit most ATVs on the market. After the initial installation, the blade and push tube may be connected or disconnected from the ATV in a matter of seconds by way of the mount’s quick-release design. Each blade has been equipped with a one-piece replaceable wear bar that will protect the bottom of your blade from any damage when in use. 

Ideal for newbies, this plow from UniPlow has everything you need to ensure that snow will be cleared out of your way. It comes with a plow blade, universal mount, and push tube assembly, so you don’t need to purchase anything separately. Though it’s a little more expensive than other plows on the market, this plow is easy to install, compatible with nearly all ATVs and will serve you for many years. It’s definitely worth considering.


  • Mounts behind the wheels for a more smooth and precise plowing experience

  • Strong welded push tube design to ensure easy installation

  • Durable


  • Expensive


KFI Products 105500 SNO-Devil ATV Plow


If you want to find a snowplow that features a durable blade, the search is over! Meet the KFI Products SNO-Devil ATV Plow.

Featuring all the top features you’d expect from an ATV plow in one complete, simple system, the SNO-Devil is compatible with nearly every ATV model there is (around 90% to be exact!) which is all down to the universal mounting system. The KFI Hybrid mount system is a unique mounting system as unlike other mounts, this one mounts to the frame just behind the wheels, instead of on the front or middle of the machine. 

Besides its versatility, this plow is also pretty sturdy. It has been carefully engineered as a lower-mount system, which means that it will transfer the force from plowing to your ATV's frame, which minimizes damage and maximizes performance.  

It features a grade 50 steel wear bar, grade 8 bolts, and adjustable heavy-duty skid pads. There is also a  48" bolt together blade and a 16" optimizable blade, which all work together to ensure that this plow is able to push the snow either straight ahead, or to the sides up to 25 degrees. 


  • Sturdy and durable
  • Universal and suitable for use with nearly all ATV systems
  • Powder-coated steel blade


  • Not compatible with all ATV systems, so you’ll need to cross-check with your ATV model before purchasing


MotoAlliance DENALI ATV 50 inch Universal Snow Plow Kit


If you own a powerful ATV and need a plow a little on the larger side, we recommend the MotoAlliance Denali ATV 60 inch Universal Snow Plow Kit. 

Measuring in at an impressive 60 inches, this is suitable for mounting onto bigger vehicles, as well as being able to tackle more challenging terrains and snow conditions.

This tough snowplow offers the best value for money for those who need a snowplow that is going to be able to offer more force and might. It features an "Easy-Connect" system that will make attaching and detaching the snowplow a breeze, while this center-mounted plow design is able to disperse the force of impact to the sturdiest part of the ATV, preventing damage to the front end or other vehicle parts from the impact.

The plow kit comes with four 7-gauge ribs that rise up to hit the full height of the blade. It even comes with three extra horizontal stabilizers which have been specifically designed to support the deepest point of the blade. All in all, the DENALI Universal is excellent value for money and is able to tackle heavy snowfalls with ease. We recommend it for anyone that needs a plow with a little extra power and durability. 


  • Durable and made of 11 gauge steel
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty
  • Fits most ATV models


  • It is pricier than others we have included, but it has been designed for larger ATVs and heavier snowfalls


Kolpin UTV Switchblade Plow – 17-5000


Last but certainly not least, we have selected the Kolpin UTV Switchblade Plow, which features a stamped steel blade that is adjustable between 60-72 inches.

Containing everything you need in just one box, you’ll be able to start plowing the day that the Kolpin UTV Switchblade Plow arrives! The Kolpin UTV SwitchBlade is adjustable, easy to assemble, and even contains plenty of innovative technologies that help to increase efficiency and performance. Our favorite is that the blade is adjustable between 60 to 72 inches, which is something that all plows offer. 

What’s more, Kolpin even claim that you’ll have it fully assembled and good-to-go within 1 hour, while the 5-position blade angle helps to make plowing easier for the user, all the while ensuring better efficiency. Whether you’re caught in moderate snowfall or experiencing a heavy downfall, the Kolpin UTV Switchblade Plow will keep your driveway and home (or anywhere else you choose) fully accessible. 


  • It features a versatile 5-position blade angle

  • Quick and easy to assemble and install

  • Comes with everything you need, so you don’t need to purchase any additional parts

  • It is adjustable between 60 and 72 inches (widths)


  • Some have found this plow to be not as durable as they would like

Some Important Factors to Remember

Features to look for when making a purchase:

Do you still need a little help making your mind up? You’re in the right place. Keep reading to learn about some important features that set apart the best ATV plows from the rest:

Blade Height and Width

You need to make sure that the width of the blade is going to fit your ATV. So, if you’re not sure how to narrow your shortlist down, this is going to help. If you own a regular-sized ATV, a regular 50-55 snow plow is the size for you. However, if your ATV vehicle is on the larger side, you’ll need to get a plow that measures between 60 and 70 inches. As for blade height, most of them tend to fall anywhere between 16 to 25 inches. Shorter blades have less surface area, so they don’t require as much power to cut through the snow. If you own a powerful ATV, it’s going to be able to cope with increased snow build-up, while smaller vehicles will not. Therefore, you’ll likely find that a larger vehicle needs a smaller plow and vice versa.


The weight is another factor taken into consideration. Ideally, the weight of the plow will complement the weight of the ATV, as this makes them both more likely to match in power and size. If you go for a heavy snowplow and own a lighter ATV, you might find that you put unnecessary strain on the motor of your vehicle, so make sure that you double-check the weight in the specifications area 


Premium snow plows should be able to offer you years of service before needing to be replaced, if ever! Double-check the reviews and reputation of the brand before going ahead with your purchase. A good pointer as to how well a snowplow has been made is the material, and steel is our number one choice. Whether or not the snowplow has been made in the USA is another indicator of durability, as those that have been made in America are more likely to be of a higher standard. 

How easy it is to install

Regardless of whether you’re a first-time buyer or you’ve been using snowplows for years, it’s still a good idea to choose a snowplow that is going to be easy to install and uninstall. If the plow is quick and easy to install, you won’t have to worry about wasted time. Sometimes, especially during heavy snowfall periods, you might find that you need your snowplow at a moment’s notice, so having one that you’re going to be able to attach to your ATV in a matter of minutes is going to make all the difference. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to look after my ATV Snow Plow?

Snowplows are by no means high maintenance pieces of equipment to take care of, but they do require some looking after. After every single use, we recommend making sure that you thoroughly wash it as this will lower the chances of rust from forming, as well as erosion if it has been exposed to any salt. However, if rust spots do start to appear, a good way to get rid of them is to paint over it. Additionally, when the warmer months appear and there’s no snow forecast, you should store away your snowplow somewhere cool, dry, and away from water.

How do I install my ATV plow?

Though installing your brand new ATV snowplow may seem pretty daunting, it’s actually pretty simple. You’ll need a mounting plate, a plow tube, and a plow blade. Luckily, many snowplows come with these three components, so you don’t need to worry about spending more money on any missing pieces. 

The first step is to install the mounting plate. Using a jack, raise up the ATV and then go ahead and install the mounting plate, fastening it securely with U-bolts. Though it will take only a few minutes to remove the mounting plate, many people do choose to keep it permanently on their ATV as it makes it easier to attach the actual plow, especially in an emergency.

Next, you’ll need to install the plow tube. There should be latches attached to the tube that are compatible with the front of your ATV. There are different types of plow tubes. Some are known as ‘straight push tubes’ and are for those that don’t intend to raise their plow overly high. On the other hand, there are ‘articulating push tubes’ which are for those that need a little extra elevation, making them ideal for people who experience heavy snowfalls and higher snow curbs. 

The last part is to screw in the snowplow blade. Blades also come in a variety of sizes and are usually made from steel to ensure durability. They’re pretty simple to install, all you need to do is screw it in. However, if you do encounter a little difficulty, we recommend referring to your instruction pamphlet. 

What is an ATV snowplow for?

An ATV snowplow is designed to clear away snow, just like the way a shovel would. It is a wedge-shaped tool that can be mounted on your ATV and is great for ridding different surfaces (like your driveway) of ice and snow. They are often for personal use in areas that often have snow. However, they can be used for different purposes, too. 

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