A Look at the Leading ATV Ramps in 2021

If you have an ATV, it’s important to make sure that you account for the proper transportation of the vehicle. An ATV ramp can be a handy way to move your vehicle around as you need to but of course, not every one on the market is going to be a good fit for you and your ATV.

There are a lot of good ATVs on the market, so it can be tricky to know what will be a good choice for you. Thankfully, we’re here to help. Read on to find out more about the best ATV ramps - we’ve also written a handy buyer’s guide to help you to narrow down your decision.

The Leading ATV Ramps Available Today


Black Widow AFP-9012-2 Aluminum 7' 6' Arched ATV Ramps


You should have no problem at all trying to get your ATV up on these impressive aluminum ramps! These are very lightweight ramps that - get this - can hold up to 750 pounds per ramp. Neat, huh? That’s not even half of what these ramps have to offer!

The ramp comes with an arch that will make sure that there is plenty of ground clearance so you don’t need to worry about your ATV bottoming out. There are also 3 inches of space in between each of the rungs of the crossbars, and this helps to make sure there is good traction when you are loading - no need to worry about damp tires either! 

In addition to this, the ramps come with adjustable safety straps designed to give you even more security as you are mounting your vehicle. You don’t need to concern yourself with the vehicle getting scratched either because the ramps come with rubber coated mountings. Of course, there is a minor problem in that it may be difficult to load equipment that has small wheels because of the spacing of the bars. Otherwise, it’s a fantastic option and one of the best ramps for ATVs that you should be considering.


  • Lots of security
  • High weight capacity
  • Rubber coated mountings


  • Can be tricky to load things with small wheels due to the spacing of the bars


Yutrax 70-inch Tri-Fold Aluminum Truck UTV/ATV Loading Ramps - 1750lb Capacity


If you’re looking for a reliable option that isn’t going to cost you a small fortune, then you are sure to love the Yutrax TX103 Tri-Fold Ramp. This ramp is truly fantastic, and is able to load pretty much any ATV weight, so it will also give you great value for money.

The ramp is just a simple piece so there’s no need to worry about setting up multiple ramps. It is a tri fold design that is super easy to set up. It has a width and length that’s roughly around the same too. When you unfold the ramp, it has more of a surface area that is able to accommodate any vehicle that’s under 1750 pounds, so you could even load some motorcycles and off roading quads.

There are some downsides, in that it can be tricky to fold and unfold the ramp, but it is otherwise a handy piece of equipment that will be a huge asset to you as an ATV driver.


  • High weight capacity
  • Cost effective 
  • You don’t need to set up two separate ramps


  • Can be tricky to fold and unfold the ramp to start with


Pit Posse PP2755P Pair of Lawn Mower ATV Folding Loading Ramps Made of Aluminum 89' 1500Lbs Rated - Pick Up Truck Ramps for Dirt Bike, Scooter, 4 Wheeler, Motorcycle, Tractor - Lightweight & Safe


The Pit Posse PP2755P Pair of Lawn Mower ATV Folding Loading Ramps are ideal for loading up your ATV onto your truck. These ramps are rated at 1500 pounds and you can load a total of 750 pounds onto each ramp.

Despite this, the ramps are also rather lightweight at only 33 pounds, and this means that they aren’t too difficult to move around. They also come with heavy duty hinges and joints, so it’s possible to fold them multiple times without having any problems. They withstand all weather too, so if you do need to load up your ATV in the pouring rain, you shouldn’t have many problems.

The ramps come with an E-Z grip rubber truck rest, and this helps to make sure that your vehicle and the tailgate don’t get damaged. It comes with tie down straps too, and they are angled in order to minimize the amount of abrasion. You can also fold them down to 46 inches, so they’re perfect for putting them in the back seat of your car, for example. Of course, the straps aren’t the highest quality out there so you may need to replace them. 


  • Weather resistant
  • Five year guarantee
  • High weight capacity


  • Straps are not the great quality


Titan Ramps Folding Arch Ramps 10' Pair 1,200 lb. Capacity Safety Straps


For a pair of ramps that are simple to assemble, that are also lightweight, you are sure to love the Titan Ramps 10’ Long Folding Aluminum Arch Ramps. These ramps are able to fold down to 60 inches by 11.25 inches by 6 inches, and only weigh 45 pounds - pretty lightweight! 

In addition to this, the ramps have a weight capacity of 600 pounds each, translating to 1200 per pair. You don’t need to spend hours trying to put them together either, saving you a lot of time and frustration.

The ramps have an arched design, and this helps to get maximum clearance. You get lots of traction from the ramps, and you also have extra safety straps to give you that added security. Of course, what they don’t have is rubber on the ends that will protect the vehicle when you are loading and unloading, so this is something you should keep in mind.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Lots of clearance
  • Lightweight


  • No rubber on the ends of the ramp to protect the vehicle when unloading and loading


Clevr 7.5' Set of 2 Folding Arched Aluminum Truck Ramps for ATVs, UTVs, Motorcycles, Dirt Bikes, 4 Wheelers, Lawnmowers, 90' Long, 1,500 lbs Capacity


The Clevr 7.5’ Set of 2 Folding Arched Aluminum Truck Ramps for ATVs are a great option if you are looking for a set of heavy duty ramps to support your ATV. These ramps have a 1500 pound weight capacity, which translates to 750 pounds each so they should be able to accommodate most ATVs, motorcycles, lawn mowers, snow blowers and so much more.

The ramp only weighs 22 pounds, so moving them can be done with minimal stress on your body. They also come with rubber tipped fingers and this helps to stop your vehicle’s tailgate from getting damaged. As a whole, the ramps are actually very sturdy.

In addition to this, the ramps provide great value for money, but it should be noted that there are some downsides. The biggest issue with these ramps is that they can creak a lot when you’re loading up the ATV, so this is certainly something to keep in mind if that bothers you.


  • High weight capacity
  • Good value for money
  • Durable


  • They can creak quite a lot when you’re loading the vehicle onto them

Why it's Important to Go for a Good Quality Product

Why Should You Buy an ATV Ramp?

They are a must have if you own an ATV. To start with, they can be used to move ATVs and motorcycles. These kinds of vehicles are the most enjoyable to use when they are far away from home. In order to get them off the road, you are going to need to have a trailer or a vehicle, in addition to a ramp that will let you move everything in a safe manner.

Not only this, but it can be a little challenging to get an ATV into a truck bed or onto a trailer. If an ATV can fall it can be rather disastrous. Because of this, a decent pair of ramps is needed to make it simple to load up any heavy equipment safely. It also means that if you have run out of trails that are close to your house and you want to spend time elsewhere, you will be able to because you can just put the ATV onto your trailer and head off.

The Different Kinds Available

Dual Runners

Usually when you see a ramp for your ATV, it will be a Dual Runner. This kind of setup is certainly convenient for two and four wheel ATVs. This setup consists of two individual ramps which makes it easy to be able to get the proper spacing and positioning between the ramps so that the weight of your ATV can be properly supported. Sometimes the ramps fold in half but generally they utilize a straight design that doesn’t have folding joints or extra weight.


This is a single piece ramp design. Bi Fold ATV ramps are usually rather narrow in comparison to your standard tri-fold and dual-runner type of setups. When they are folded, their profile is similar to a single runner ramp. When it is unfolded, the average width is around enough to be able to fit most dirt bikes and ATVs.

Tri Fold Ramps

These ramps will generally provide the whole width of an ATV, in addition to a couple of buffer inches on either side. These are generally easier to position and set up because you have a fixed width, but getting to move them around can be a bit more challenging because they weigh more. They are much heavier than dual runner ramps because they have a lot of folding joints and segments.

Key Things to Consider

How Much Weight Can It Hold?

This is certainly one of the most important specifications to consider when you are looking for a ramp for your ATV. What is the maximum amount of weight that the ramp is able to handle? If your equipment is heavier then naturally, you will need one with a larger weight capacity, but generally most loading ramps are able to handle your average ATV or a smaller one. Usually if your ramp is designed with larger weight capacities in mind then it will probably use heavier materials such as steel with a reinforced design.

Width of the Ramp

Of course, the surface area of the ramp is going to determine how much grip your ATV tires will have if you do drive up one of them as part of the loading process. A wider ramp is going to give you more surface area and they are best for four wheelers, in addition to other heavy motorized equipment if you aren’t able to push up alone.


You should always consider the material that is used.. Some of the most durable and popular ramps are made out of aluminum because it is rust and corrosion resistant and tends to be lightweight, but there are also many other options out there to choose from. 

Mount Connection

The mounting end of your ramp will work along with things such as stability straps in order to secure the ramp when it’s under a heavy load. Generally ramps will use simple ledge supports, and these cling to the tailgate or the trailer floor in order to create more friction. These are simple and quick to get set up but unfortunately they can move around a lot if they are not anchored down correctly with straps. Some ramps will alternatively use special mounting brackets that will screw into the floor or the bed of the loading vehicle.

Ground Clearance

Your ramp is not going to work correctly unless it is able to reach the height of the loading surface. Because of this, the length of the ramp and the height of the vehicle that you are loading onto it are going to affect the slope and the reach of the ramp. Generally it’s safer to opt for a lower slope angle, so longer ramps are also usually more popular for day to day use.


You should consider the size of the ramp for storage, as you don’t want something too big that you can’t put anywhere. Generally folding ramps are better suited for storage purposes but it’s possible to store a straight ramp as long as you have the proper setup. Wall hooks and ladder racks are quite helpful for storing the vast majority of ramps, regardless of the design.

Type of Rung

The other thing that you should consider is the rung surface of your ramp as this will influence that loading traction as a whole. You find that most ramps incorporate a ladder design that has solid rungs. These are fantastic for weight you want a portable option, but the design can make it more challenging to load up heavy equipment if the gap is large.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you select the correct size?

It can be a bit tricky to select the ideal ramp size for an ATV. It can be a lot easier to narrow it down when you consider a few different things though.

First of all, the wheelbase. This is basically the amount of horizontal distance that lies between the center of the rear wheel to the front wheel. 

You should also consider the ground clearance. To figure this out, you will need to measure the amount of space between the lowest part of your ATV to the ground. 

You should also think about the loading height, which you can figure out by measuring the distance between the ground and the top point of the trailer that the ATV will be loaded onto.

After you have done this, try and put together the numbers you get into an equation. In order to do this, you should use a Ramp Length Calculator - there are plenty online. If, on the other hand, you have a penchant for maths, you can follow this formula:

Rise/ (Ground Clearance/ (Wheelbase x 0.5) 0.5 )) = Result.

Is it necessary to opt for a folding ramp if I intend to bring the ramp with me?

If you have a bunch of extra room to spare, then of course you can take the ramp when unfolded along with you where you need to go. With that being said, you can save a lot of space by getting a folding ramp. You can even get some ramps that fold into three. 

How do you load an ATV onto your truck?

There are a few things to consider when trying to load up your ATV. First of all, you need to ensure that the ramps are sitting at a shallow angle so the ATV will be able to move up the ramp. If this is not possible for you, then make sure that the ramp texture you have is correct so that the ATV doesn’t end up sliding back down.

When trying to load the ATV, make sure you find a spot that is at least somewhat flat that has enough surface area for you to be able to move the ATV up the ramp. When doing this, it’s important to ensure that you have the right safety gear on so you don’t get hurt.

After this, apply the throttle and try to keep the ATV at a steady speed, but it needs to be enough speed so you can get up the ramp without stalling. When you have gotten to your destination, you can then back off the throttle to make sure that the wheels aren’t going too quickly, then stop in the place you need to be. Strap it down, and off you go! 

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