Comparing the Top ATV Mud Tires

A tire is only as good as how it performs under stress. This is truer when you’re looking for tires that can operate on certain terrains, in this case unstable, muddy terrains. There’s a stark difference between your standard ATV tires and tires that can handle themselves on specialized terrain, so it can be tricky finding the tires with the right features and decorations that’ll anchor you and your vehicle to the ground.

Below we’ve gathered five of our favorite examples of all-terrain vehicle tires that can move through mud without incident, and we have even added some pros and cons where you can see how each tire performs at a glance, along with other relevant specs. If you’re learning, or want to learn, everything about ATV tires, and what makes certain models do well in mud, we’d recommend you read our buyers’ guide below.

In a hurry?

If you want to roll through the buying process in no time at all, you should check out our number one mud tires. If you like them, you can be on your way in no time at all. Those tires would be ITP Mud Lite AT Mud Terrain ATV Tires, light but reliable mud tires that are very popular online. See why we’d recommend these tires below:
Best Selling tires rated at six-ply, making them more durable and capable of carrying heavier loads. Despite this, they’re also relatively light at just fifteen pounds.

Treads designed for a smooth but effective mud-terrain performance, with ¾-inch arrow-shaped lugs that better penetrate the ground and keep your ATV moving forwards. The center tread contact area also smoothens your ride, so it’s not too uneven.
The rubber compound used in the tires is designed to last longer, resisting wear so that you can get maximum use from the tire. This means you get more use for your money. What’s more, these tires are available in a very wide variety of sizes that’ll accommodate all ATVs.

The Best ATV Mud Tires


ITP Mud Lite AT Mud Terrain ATV Tire 24x9-11


The tires we liked the most for mud performance were the ITP Mud Lite AT Mud Terrain ATV Tires. These are the number one top sellers in Amazon’s “ATV Mud Tires” category, so they’ve been well-reviewed by a lot of customers and continue to satisfy the needs of most people searching for mud tires. This isn’t surprising when you consider that these tires are available in pretty much every size that you could want, so they cater to more customers than not.

So, what about the details of the actual tires? These tires are rated to six-ply, so they’re sufficiently thick for most environments and get a lot of benefits from this added thickness. This makes them more durable and, more importantly, allows the ATV to have a higher load-carrying capacity to better carry both you and any gear you pile upon it.

The lugs on these tires are specially designed to dig into the ground, churn it up, and move forward over the soft ground with ease. They protrude from the tire by about ¾-inches and are directionally oriented, being vaguely arrow-shaped to inspire continuous forward movement. Speaking of the tread on these tires, they have a center tread contact area that smoothens your ride even when you’re braving the most uneven terrain.

Such performance requires durability to back it up, so aside from their six-ply construction, these tires are also made with a rubber compound formulated to resist wear. This adds longevity to the tires, so you get more use out of them for the money you spend. It should also be said that these tires are pretty light where ATV tires are concerned, weighing in at just about fifteen pounds.

A common problem with mud tires is that they’re very aggressive, meaning they’ll churn up most of the ground you’ll ride on. Because of this, we’d advise against taking these around your backyard or other outdoor areas where you want the ground to stay intact.


  • 6-ply rated tires are durable and have a higher load-carrying capacity.
  • ¾-inch arrow lugs penetrate the ground and propel the vehicle forward during motion.
  • Center tread contact area smoothes your ride.
  • Extended wear rubber compound lengthens the functional life of these tires.
  • Lighter tires at just about 15 pounds.
  • Available in a wide variety of sizes.


  • Very aggressive and will shred your lawn if used on standard ground.


Set of 4 SunF Power.I ATV UTV all-terrain Tires 25x8-12 Front & 25x10-12 Rear, 6 PR, Tubeless A033


The next set of tires we have on our list are the Sun.F Power ATV All-Terrain Tires. Whilst our number one tires were the number one sellers for the best ATV mud tires, these Sun.F tires are the number one sellers for ATV trail tires on Amazon. This means that they’re just as popular and well-reviewed as the previous tire set.

The linked tire set has fixed sizes, with the front tires being 25x8-12 inches and the rear tires being 25x10-12 inches, both with a wheel diameter of 12 inches. These tires are also made from six layers of hard rubber, adding puncture-resistant qualities to them. Scratches and other types of wear damage shouldn’t affect these tires too badly, they can roll right over tougher terrain too, not just wet mud, hence their “All-Terrain” name.

The standout feature with these tires is their treads. They’re angled to dig into and shovel away dirt and are directional to motivate the ATV to keep moving forwards and not get bogged down. The biting action of the tires is supported by their lug depth and specific patterning that are designed for skid control and traction generation.

On the sides of the tires, you’ll find that there are shoulder knobs. These are there to provide side bite, where the tires churn ground adjacent to them to avoid getting bogged in. It’s primarily a snow-driving feature for ATV tires but it can also be used to loosen earth on boggy ground. They also provide some protection since any sideward impact has a higher chance of touching the knobs before the tire proper.

They’re some of the priciest tires here so they’re not very budget-friendly, but you are paying for the full set and they’re built to withstand most terrains and conditions, not just the muddy ones.


  • Six-ply hard rubber tires that are resistant to punctures and damage.
  • Directional and angled treads are great at gripping and moving through muddy ground.
  • Aggressive lug depth and tread patterns offer skid control.
  • Side biting shoulder knobs protect the tires and clear ground.


  • Some of the pricier tires on this list.


Set of 4 New WANDA ATV/UTV Tires 25x8-12 Front & 25x10-12 Rear /6PR P350 - 10163/10165 …


At the midpoint of our list are the WANDA ATV/UTV Tires. Like some of the previous options, they’re available in a variety of sizes. The ones linked above are four tires with the front pair measuring in at 25x8-12 and the back pair measuring in at 25x10-12.

Like all of the previous tire models reviewed in this list, these WANDA ATV/UTV tires are made with six-plies of heavy nylon and rubber. This construction makeup essentially proofs the tires against abrasions and punctures that could interrupt or even stop your ATV dead. This durability is always appreciated in wheels, especially the ones that’ll be used off of the beaten path. Maximum load capacity is usually dependent on the strength of an ATV’s tires too, with these ones netting you about 350 pounds.

The treads themselves are inlaid into the tire at about 0.79-inches. This is enough to be considered an aggressive grip, able to move over snow, rocks, and of course, mud, with ease. The treads don’t stop at the sides of the tires, too, expanding into side shoulder lugs that preserve the rims and sidewalls of your wheels once properly installed. This adds to the integrity of the tires, keeping them working for longer and getting you more use from your purchase.

It must be said that the aggressive treads these tires have makes them very bouncy when on smoother surfaces, like ordinary roads and other paved areas. This doesn’t make road driving impossible, just very uncomfortable, so these tires are most suitable for an ATV that’ll be driven off-road for the overwhelming majority of its use.


  • Heavy nylon tires are rated at six-ply, so they stop punctures in their tracks.
  • Capable of carrying 350 pounds of weight.
  • Have a 0.79-inch tread depth that handles well in all environments.
  • Shoulder lugs prevent rim and sidewall damage.


  • Aggressive treading is very bouncy on smooth surfaces.


Carlisle AT489C ATV Tire - 25X8-12


Our fourth option for good mud tires are the Carlisle Paddles AT489C all-terrain vehicle Tires and, like our previous option, they’re available in so many sizes to fit all ATVs. The ones linked above are 25x8-12, but it should be stated that they’re individual tires and so will need to be ordered multiple times for how many you need.

The tires look closer to commercial car tires than some of the others, too, and this can be attributed to the fact they’re only four-ply, so they’re not as thick as the previously featured six-ply tires and won’t be able to stand up to rigorous use. The sidewalls lack treading which makes them more vulnerable to abrasions coming from a sidewards angle, so uneven terrain and heavy-duty use may result in a puncture.

The main functionality of these tires comes from the large tread blocks that they do have on their main face. They’re directional, as is wanted in mud tires to better propel you and your ATV forwards, and the individual tread blocks are spaced out. This spacing isn’t an accident. They actually help break mud and, when the wheels are spinning, facilitate the slinging of mud off of the tires so they don’t get caked.

If you’re anticipating a little more than just mud, these tires and the aforementioned treading make them great on paths made from small rocks, shale, or gravel. They can also ride on ordinary roads without any troubles.


  • Four-ply tires look like ordinary car tires whilst still being more durable. 
  • Spaced tread blocks are designed to fling mud.
  • Exceptional performance on shale and other small rocks.
  • Available in several sizes to fit all ATVs.


  • Sidewalls lack treads, which makes the sides more vulnerable to punctures.


Sedona Mudda Inlaw Radial Tire (28X10R-14)


Last on our list are the Sedona Mudda Inlaw Radial Tires, but one of the main reasons they’re down here is just because they aren’t so popular as many of the products above. They’re still capable tires in their own right, particularly when it comes to their thickness.

They’re built with a puncture-resistant radial construction with eight-ply rubber. That makes them the thickest tires here, providing unparalleled abrasion resistance. Whilst absolutely useful for outdoor riding, mud doesn’t tend to damage the tires themselves, but these are certainly a shoo-in for those who want the thickest, most damage-resistant tire option possible.

You might have assumed how strong they are just by looking at them, being thick even for the industry, and having merciless 2¼-inch treads at their maximum depth, getting deeper towards the edges of the tire. The deeper treads at the tire edges are better for plowing mud aside, so these tires are best for the muddiest of trails. The treads are also designed in a way that’s self-cleaning when the wheels are rotating.

Those thick treads that continue down the sidewall don’t only add more durability but also add paddling traction when in use. This is 


  • Eight-ply tires, making them the thickest here and most puncture-resistant.
  • Powerful 2¼-inch treads are very aggressive against mud.
  • Treads wrap down the sidewall for paddling traction.
  • Self-cleaning to a degree when in rotation.


  • Very aggressive tires will ruin backyards and other softer ground.

Things to Consider when Making a Purchase

How to Choose the Right Tires

If you’re new to buying tires and aren’t sure what to look out for, we’ve written this handy buyers’ guide so that you can learn what makes tires better for mud performance. This functions as both a rationale for how we ranked the above tires as well as an informative section that, if you take the time to read, can equip you with the knowledge needed to identify the best mud tires for yourself in the future.

We’ll break these tires down to better judge every aspect of them, from the types of ATV mud tires to the key features that people should look out for, such as ply rating and tread style.

The Different Types Available

Needless to say, the most popular type of ATV tires for mud riding are the ones called mud tires. That doesn’t mean that other tire types can’t suffice for use in muddy areas, and it’s still useful to describe each mainstream type of ATV tire so you know what you’re dealing with.

Mud tires are characterized by their very aggressive looks, being thicker and having extra-long lugs and tread patterns coming off of them. In between the lugs tend to be spaces, designed to help the tire clean itself of mud debris when spinning. The number one and number five products on the above list are classed as mud tires, if you need an example to look at.

All-terrain tires also feature prominently on the above list. They’re less aggressive than mud tires but are still a great option, especially if you have other off-roading plans for your ATV than just soft and muddy areas. They can tackle soft, rocky, slippery, and uneven surfaces with relative ease, and tend to last longer because they’ve been constructed to be damage resistant. The lugs they have also tend to be more square-shaped or lateral, and measure in at less than an inch.

Ply Rating

Ply rating is used to measure the thickness of a tire, each ply usually corresponding to an additional layer of protective material. Nowadays, certain ply counts usually mean that the tires are simulating their thickness instead of being literally made from six layers of material.

Stronger and more rigid tires are the most resistant to punctures and other abrasions. For context, you should know that golf carts use two-ply and that you should be aiming for six- or eight-ply for your ATV. We say this because, besides being more durable, thicker ply ratings on your tires allow them to carry heavier loads on the ATV itself.

Tread Style

Depending on your needs, you’ll either go with a mud tire or an all-terrain tire. With both, you need to consider the tread that the tires are offering and whether that’s worth your custom.

When we talk about aggressiveness, we mean the depth of the tread and its lugs from the tire itself. The deeper these treads, the more aggressive a tire can be considered, performing better in mud and other harsh terrains.

It’s also handy to check whether the treads have any directionality, that is, when they’re all pointed in the direction of forward momentum to better move through bogged areas. Once again, the importance of directional treads depends on the use of the ATV, but if you do need an ATV that powers through the ground, then seek out arrow-shaped treads.

If the treads extend to the sides of the tire, they form sidewall lugs that are handy for churning the ground adjacent to your ATV when moving, minimizing the chance of your ATV getting stuck in snow or mud.

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