Analyzing the Leading ATV Grips

When you break an ATV down into all of its components, one of the more complicated yet overlooked pieces are the grips. The grips are where your body controls the entire ATV so, when upgrading or building your own ATV, you should look into getting a great grip set. They can have a surprising number of features built into them, as you’ll see, and the grips you use can determine how the ATV performs when accelerating or turning.

We’ve gathered five of the best ATV grips that we like. We’ve listed them below in what we think is the best to worst, though each is competent in its own right and may be the one for you. You’ll see we’ve included a pros and cons list so that you can see what each grip set offers at a glance. If you’re after some education on grip sets and what makes certain sets better than others, you should get to grips with our buyers’ guide at the bottom of this page.

Best ATV grips

In a hurry?

If you need to get a handle on your project ASAP, don’t let us waste your time. Here’s our #1 recommendation, the Heat Demon 215047 Dual Zone ATV Heated Grip Kit. It’s a clamp-on kit that has a surprising amount of comfort and energy-efficiency features. See some of them in the points below.

  • These clamp-on grips fit all ATV models that sport a 7/8-inch handlebar. They also include ample instructions and all of the required wiring, so installation is deceptively easy.
  • One of the big highlights of this grip kit is its heated grips. This is a handy feature for those who travel in colder climates or those who go so fast that the wind gnaws at their fingers. It even has a separate thumb warmer and, thanks to the dual-zone controller, you can change the temperature between them.
  • For the sake of energy-efficiency, an automatic shutdown feature stops these grips from producing heat when you’re not on the ATV. This not only saves that precious warmth for later but also keeps the battery capacity up.

A Look at 5 of the Best ATV Grips


Heat Demon 215047 Dual Zone ATV Clamp-On Heated Grip Kit


The grip kit that topped our list was the Heat Demon 215047 Dual Zone ATV Heated Grip Kit, a clamp-on grip kit model that stands out since it fits pretty much any ATV that has a 7/8-inch handlebar. This means it has a nearly unrivaled versatility in how you can apply this kit, so we’re sure it’s likely to be compatible with your own ATV.

It’s also a great grip kit in its own right, having heating elements built into them so that they can keep your hands warm when faced with treacherous weather or cold, rushing wind. They haven’t just slapped some heating onto the handles, though, as the grips have been ergonomically designed with a special thumb warmer, too. Each grip has a maximum power of twenty watts, with five extra for the thumb warmer.

The installation process is very easy, being accessible to even the greenest of tinkerers as long as you’re following the instructions, which are also included in the kit. All of the requisite wiring is included and as mentioned above, these grips clamp on, so there isn’t much needed to directly secure these grips to the handlebar of your ATV. 

Once installed, the dual-zone controller that comes with this grip kit can then be used to set the heating levels of the grips themselves and the accessory thumb warmer. They don’t need to be the same temperature either, you can set the thumb piece to be warmer than the grip, or vice versa. Also, when used in nighttime, LED illumination allows you to see what you’re doing with the grips.

If the grips haven’t been used for a short period of time, an automatic shutdown feature will save you power by not heating the grips when you’re not on the ATV. This saves your battery so you can get the most out of every charge.


  • Fits all ATV makes and models that use a 7/8-inch handlebar.
  • Heated grips including ergonomic thumb warmer.
  • Clamps on and includes all wiring, making installation very easy.
  • The dual-zone controller allows you to customize heat settings.
  • Automatic shutdown feature conserves power.


  • On the expense side for grip kit prices.


Koso AM111030 7/8' + 1' Apollo Heated Grips


At our second spot is another example of heated grips, but this time we’re talking about the Koso AM111030 Apollo Heated Grips. It also retails at a similar price point to the Heat Demon grip kit, so expect it to be quite similar.

The most standout feature is its integrated thumb switch that allows you to operate the ATV by hand whilst riding. Since there’s no need to move your hand much at all, you can change the grip settings whilst on the fly. This is very handy since the ATV is one of the last vehicles, you’d want to take your hands off once it’s moving.

So, what can you set once you have your hands on these grips? The foremost settings are the five temperature options where you decide on the temperature that these grips put out. You’ll know which level the temperature is set at by small LED lights on the handles, which also add some much-appreciated visibility when the sun has gone down on your ATV.

The grips themselves are weather-sealed, so no water or wind should be giving them trouble in terms of their structural integrity. This adds to how long these grips can last, making them a great investment into your future ATV riding.

It's so easy to install that it’s been described as “plug & play” by others, coming with all the wiring and instructional reading you should need to secure the grips to your ATV. Should your battery capacity get low when out on the ATV, the heated grips will power off so that every ounce of power can be saved to keep the ATV rolling.


  • Integrated thumb switch allows setting changes without moving hands.
  • Temperature settings are shown, and made visible at night, by built-in LEDs.
  • Grips are weather-sealed to avoid environmental damage.
  • “Plug & play” wiring, it’s that easy.
  • Powers off when the battery is low.


  • Slightly larger grips may pose a problem for the small-handed.


BikeMaster Heated Grips (7/8)


Our third option is the BikeMaster Heated Grips, which occupies the prime position as Amazon’s Choice for “heated grips” search terms. That means this product sees a lot of traffic, so we’d recommend seeing what others besides from us are saying about this product.

Their popularity isn’t without merit as they offer a lot of handy features for a very affordable price. One of those familiar features is the five-level temperature control that these BikeMaster grips are capable of, which is impressive considering these grips aren’t even half as expensive as some of the above products as of this article’s writing.

The grips themselves have a rubberized surface which isn’t just to add to their material durability, but it also makes them much easier to grasp onto since there’s some traction there. This means no more hand slippage when driving in wet or cold weather. There are also removable caps that you can use, turning these grips into open-ended ones when needed.

It’s only suitable for 12V DC application, but it comes with all of the gear you need to make that happen. Like with many of the other examples on this list, it’s easy to install because you’re given everything you need and clear instructions on what to do.


  • Amazon’s Choice for the “heated grips” search term, suitable for motorcycles and ATVs.
  • Five-level temperature control allows you to set grip temperature to what’s comfortable.
  • Rubberized grips are durable and prevent your hands from slipping.
  • Comes with everything needed for a 12V DC installation.
  • Generously priced for the features that it has.


  • Left grip tends to be tighter than the right.


Symtec 215047 Heated Push On Grip and Thumb Kit with 2 Zone Controller


Next up we have the Symtec 215047 Heated Push On Grip which, as the name says, isn’t a clamp-on but a push-on grip model, so you can rest assured that it’s still easier than ever to install. The only exception we can think of is if you’re in colder areas, you may need to warm up the grips to give them more flex, so they fit on the handlebars. Once they’ve shrank back into place, however, they’ll be more secure than ever.

Speaking of heating, these grips are heated with five different settings to choose from. These are managed from the dual-zone controller that comes with these grips and mounts cleanly on the handlebars of most ATVs. This means that you can have full control of what heat level you’re on, which is marked by LEDs, without stopping or taking your eyes off of the road.

What’s more impressive is the fact that a memory function in the controller remembers what level the heating was at before the ATV was shut off, resuming that heating option when you start it back up again. In this kit is also one DC plug-in that allows you to use it with 12V DC applications.


  • A very easy to install push-on heated grip kit.
  • Uses a controller with five heat settings for unparalleled control over the grip temperature.
  • The controller has setting memory, so it remembers its heating levels after the ATV shuts off.
  • Comes with a DC plug-in for 12V DC application.


  • May need warming to loosen and actually fit on the handlebar.


Kolpin 50-0360 Hot Thermal Grip


Our final product on today’s list is the Kolpin 50-0360 Hot Thermal Grip, another cheaper option that still brings results to those who give it a chance. As is standard with all of the entries on this list, all of the installation components, tools, and instructions are all provided with the purchase. Even then, the wiring is kept to a minimum to make installing these grips even simpler. They can be tight when first applying them, however, so that’s something to be ready for.

The grips themselves have a rubberized surface, much like the number three option on this list. This durable rubber isn’t just great for cold and wet weather where weaker materials may crack or peel, but it’s also texturized with notches that improve the hold you have on these grips.

The heating elements in these grips are controlled by an external controller that gets mounted on the handlebars of your ATV. This is a convenient place to put it since you can make temperature adjustments without getting distracted from the path ahead.


  • A pair of affordable grips that are easy to install and come with all the gear you’ll need to do it.
  • Rubberized grip surface is weather-resistant and textured for a more secure hold on your ATV.
  • A wired handlebar-mounted controller allows for temperature changes whilst riding.


  • These grips fit very tightly, so installation may take longer.
  • Only has two temperature settings.

What Make a Good Set

How to find high quality options

If you don’t know much about them and what makes certain versions better than others, this buyers’ guide is exactly what you needed. It isn’t much, but we’ve compiled everything that consumers need to know when looking for the best set of ATV grips.

We’ve broken what makes a good grip down into a few sections, from the type of grip you’re getting to how durable the grips are. Feel free to use the below information whenever you need to go on the hunt for grips, whether they’re for ATVs or motorcycles.

Types of ATVs

The two main ATV grip types you’ll find in the wild are heated and non-heated. Now, considering all five of the products above are heated, we probably don’t need to tell you our preference and which type we’d recommend. That said, it’s handy to know about the different types available.

Heated ATV grips stand out since they use electricity to heat up your hands, keeping them warm from cold weather or buffeting winds. They do it using the energy of the ATV, too, so there isn’t any messing around with batteries, aside from the battery inside the ATV. They’re regulated either by a separate controller or a switch on the grips themselves.

You don’t need heated ATV grips if your hands don’t suffer from being cold during your outings, so there is a question of whether you really need to get heated grips. They’re also more expensive than non-heated grip options.

Non-heated grips are the more abundant type because of how simple and inexpensive they are. They’re usually just made out of elastic and slip right onto your handlebars, often with the help of lubricant. Just because they’re not heated, that doesn’t mean they can’t be comfortable. Some non-heated pads still have texturization or other means of reducing palm pressure, so your hands will be comfortable when riding.

Heating Options

Since this is conditional on you getting heated grips, let’s get this one out of the way first. We already mentioned above how the heating in grips is controlled either via grip buttons or a separate controller mounted on the handlebar. What should be noted is that different grip options have different heating levels, too.

The most we’ve seen is five, from low heat to high heat, and these are usually managed by the external controller since there’s more electronics that are needed to manage all five temperature levels. This is handy if your desire for heated handles is very context-based because you have much more choice in how much heat is applied.

At lowest we’ve seen two, not counting the off function. This isn’t as versatile as a five-level temperature management system but maybe you don’t need or want that. If you’re in an area where your hands are always cold, sometimes getting this will be the more suitable (and less expensive) option.


The main objective of grips is to provide, well, grip. You can have all the fancy heating options you want but if your grips fail at providing grip then you’re done for. Check out the images of any product you’re buying. That’s just good advice in general but with grips, it’ll allow you to see the surface of the handles. They should be made from rubber or a similar slip-resistant material, and they should preferably have many dimples, ridges, or spots that generate friction to keep your hands on them. That way, when taking a rough bump or curve, your hands aren’t going to slide right off.


Durability means two main things. The first is the grips’ ability to withstand wear and tear. Wear and tear is inevitable, but certain grips will come apart faster than others. This goes in hand with the point we made above about having good material on the surface of your grips, since that will be a deciding factor in how slow or fast they degrade.

The other consideration is how weather-proof the grips are, from outright waterproofness to moisture and damp resistance. Your grips will be seeing a lot of outdoor action, so you need to make sure that the outdoors isn’t the exact thing that turns your grips into molded, soggy messes. This point goes doubly if you’re using heated grips with electrical equipment, too.

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