7.3L Powerstroke Oil And Fluid Capacity & Specifications

When it comes to maintenance, you need to know what you should and shouldn’t do when you are trying to maintain your engine. For the 7.3L Powerstroke, you will need to know what oils and fluids you should use, and even how much of it you need to be using.

In this article, we are going to go through everything that you could possibly need to know about the fluid and oil to use for your 7.3L Powerstroke and everything else that comes with maintaining it.

By looking at and researching the manufacturer’s specifications and guidelines, we will be able to tell you everything you need to know and do to keep on top of maintenance and make sure that everything is in top working order.

By following our list of things that you need to do, you can be sure that you are doing everything possible to look after your truck and engine. ATVA Online has you covered.

7.3L Powerstroke Maintenance Schedule

Replace Engine Oil and Filter

5,000 miles/6 months under normal operating conditions

3,000 miles/3 months under severe duty conditions

Replace Fuel Filter

15,000 Miles

Replace Engine Air Filter

30,000 Miles or after 30 months

Flush Engine Cooling System

50,000 Miles or after 48 months

Replace Automatic Transmission System

30,000 miles (E4OD normal, 4R100 normal & severe)

21,000 miles for E4OD transmissions under severe duty conditions

Replace Manual Transmission Fluid

60,000 Miles

Replace Transfer Case Fluid

60,000 Miles

Replace Front Differential Fluid

100,000 miles under normal operating conditions

30,000 miles under severe duty conditions

Drain and replace oil immediately if the axle is submerged in water

Replace Rear Differential Fluid

100,000 miles under normal operating conditions

30,000 miles under severe duty conditions

Drain and replace oil immediately if the axle is submerged in water

This table tells you everything that you need to know about the service of your engine, and at what intervals actions need to take place. When it comes to engine maintenance on the 7.3L Powerstroke, you won’t need to do anything for the first 5000 miles, but after this point, you will need to start keeping an eye out for any maintenance that needs to be kept on top of. 

Some of this maintenance will depend on whether or not the car is being used under severe conditions, and you might be wondering what all of this means. Severe duty conditions can include things like excessive idling, frequent short trips in which the engine is shut-down before reaching full operating temperature, driving on dusty roads, driving off-road or in conditions that require 4 wheel drive, and frequent towing or hauling unless with really light loads.

If your vehicle is being used this way, then you should follow the maintenance guidelines for severe duty service schedules.

How Much Oil and Fluid Do I Need To Use?

To find out more specifically about the amount of oil and fluid that you should be using for your 7.3L Powerstroke, you should always look at the owner’s manual to double-check that everything is being done correctly.

You can also make use of the dipstick which will be able to tell you when the correct oil or fluid is being used. The amount of fluid that you will need to use can vary depending on different factors, and the manual will be able to confirm how much is the right amount.

In terms of the amount of oil and fluid you should be using, we will give you an idea below to help you.



Capacity - Quarts

Capacity - Liters

Engine Oil

All years

15 quarts

14.2 liters

Auto Transmission Fluid

E40D 4×2

E40D 4×4


15.9 quarts

16.4 quarts

17.1-17.7 quarts

15 liters

15.5 liters

16.2-16.7 liters

Manual Transmission Fluid

ZF S5 5-speed

ZF S6 6-speed

3.4 quarts

5.8 quarts

3.2 liters

5.5 Liters

Transfer Case


2.0 quarts

1.9 liters


50/50 mixture



31 Liters

Front Differential Fluid

Dana 50 IFS

Dana 60

1.9 quarts

2.9 quarts

1.8 liters

2.7 liters

Rear Differential Fluid

Sterling 10.25

Sterling 10.50

Dana 80

Dana 135

3.75 quarts

3.45 quarts

4.15 quarts

12.25 quarts

8.3 liters